Understanding Yihi’s New SX Pure Technology

Understanding Yihi’s New SX Pure Technology
January 27, 2016 originvape

Yihi SX Pure is a new concept that shows a ton of promise.

Pioneer4You IPV Pure X2 Tank

Coil-less technology is a hot topic in 2016. With the Altus tank the first of its kind earlier this year, we can expect quite a few manufacturers to try new coil-less solutions for atomizers in the near future. One of the most technologically adept companies out of China, Yihi, released a prototype for beta testing that rests on some serious innovation. The first tank that this technology can be found in is the Pioneer4You IPV Pure X1 and the newest Pioneer4You Janus (X2N) Tank.

Yihi’s SX Pure is a combination of features that may bring a new, fresh take on the atomizer. We were all getting bored in the industry until the Altus by Guo Vape rose to prominence earlier this year, bringing about a revolution that is not going to end soon.

Many companies already seemingly had a similar concept in the works, and Yihi’s technological expertise is legendary in the industry, so naturally they are a great place to expect innovation.

Pioneer4You IPV Pure X2 Tank

The newest update, as of March 4, 2016, is that the IPV Pure X1 will now be called the Pure X2. It will be released in March and can only be used with the Yihi SX mini ML Class, Yihi SX Mini Q Class, or the Pioneer4You IPV5 mod. Both chip sets have a special setting for the tank that allows such a low resistance (0.05Ω +/-).

The X1 was a beta-stage product, whereas the IPV Pure X2 changed the configuration of the heating element into a 90 degree angle, so it is easier to wick the atomizer.

Yihi SX Pure is still in the prototype stage, and it works two ways.

  1. The SX Pure atomizer is a top-fill Pyrex tank with 3.5ml capacity that has a heating element in the center which has an interesting fractal shape. It does not require replacement, all you need is wick to make this tank work. The positive end of the element is soldered onto the base of the coil, and the negative end is soldered onto the side of the chimney. The material the heating element consists of is still under wraps, as it is a work in progress and in conceptual form. The photo below shows the prototype.
  2. Yihi SX Pure technology relies upon the device you use the tank with as well. Currently, it works with the new Pioneer4You IPV5 mod. The IPV5 has an “SX Pure” setting for use with this atomizer. The IPV5 harnesses a Yihi platform chipset. The temperature control SX Pure setting allows adjustment via Joules, and the resistance is quite low at 0.05Ω. The temperature coefficient of resistance has not been release yet, and we can expect an update on this soon.

With Yihi behind the wheel on this project, you can expect a true innovation to come forward from this concept. Stay tuned for more info!

Pioneer4You Pure Janus