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Wismec and the Reuleaux: Understanding the Differences Between the Reuleaux Mods

Wismec and the Reuleaux: Understanding the Differences Between the Reuleaux Mods
December 8, 2015 originvape
rx200 dna200

Wismec developed, with the help of JayBo, a whole line of Reuleaux mods that offer vapers alot of choices for their vaping needs.

UPDATE 1/2017: Wismec has released new versions of the Reuleaux, the RXMini, the RX2/3, and the RX300. Also, be sure check out our article about blowing clouds. There is a giant difference between these mods. The RXmini offers you an internal cell which can be charged via mini USB, capable of up to 80 watts of power.

The RX 2/3 is a Reuleaux that has the ability to be either a two-cell or a three-cell mod, the best of both worlds. The RX300 is a giant beast of a mod, requiring four 18650 cells to operate and is capable of 300 watts of pure power.

Jaybo designs, maker of the TOBH Atomizer, recently collaborated with Wismec to produce a unique and innovative regulated device, the Reuleaux.

What makes this mod special is the alien shape. Five sides and a half-circle come together and fit exceptionally well in your hand. The weight of the device is 12 ounces with three 18650 batteries housed inside.

Two mods were released almost side-by-side. The Reuleaux RX200 utilizes a Joyetech/Wismec chip board. The Reuleaux DNA200 has a DNA200 chip board by Evolv technologies.

The DNA200 board has a larger screen, and is pictured on the right. the Reuleaux DNA200 retails for $169.99. It has since been discontinued. If you can find one, grab it! It is a fantastic device with a long lifespan.

The RX200 board has a smaller screen and is pictured on the left. The Reuleaux RX200 retails for $64.99. The RX2/3 has supplanted the RX200 and both have been discontinued, paving the way for the RX300.

The difference is the chip. Both chips reach 200 watts of power, but the DNA200 board is engineered by an American company, Evolv technologies. The RX200 board was built in-house by Joyetech’s engineers. Additionally, the same engineers have developed the RX300, a badass device capable of up to 300 watts of power.

Joyetech is a parent company of Wismec.


  1. FrankS 3 years ago

    Will V: remove batteries. Remove the 2 middle screws inside the battery compartment. Carefully remove the faceplate.

  2. Jonathan Adamakopoulos 3 years ago

    Can anyone help in locating a Dna faceplate for my reauleux I dropped it and it is missing a chunk

  3. will v 3 years ago

    Hey can someone help me in telling me how to remove the screen faceplate as pictured above. I want to sand it down to bear metal to get a shiny stainless steel look. Please help!!!! Thanks in advance!

  4. Author
    originvape 3 years ago

    Hi Sean,

    That’s not possible, unfortunately. The RX200 screen is smaller than the DNA200.

  5. Sean S. 3 years ago

    Do you know if there is any difference in the actual window on the faceplate? I have a DNA200 chip that a friend gave me and I was just wondering if it was possible to switch the chipset out or the RX200 and install the DNA200… any ideas?

  6. Brett Ross 3 years ago

    I am super excited to use my dna variat, christmas needs to hurry up! Girlfriend bought this for me, even bought it from, and let me just say these guys are awesome. Speedy, informative and head and sholders above anyone else i have ordered with.

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