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Smok TFV4 Tank Coils

What are the differences?

Although the TFV4 is no longer the newest tank from Smok that offers a lot of different coil heads, it was the first. The Smok TFV8 followed afterwards, which is still an awesome atomizer. Finally, earlier this year, the Smok TFV12 was released to much fanfare and is now considered one of the most powerful tanks on the market.

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Smok’s TF-series atomizer is the most customizable tank currently available on the market, with 10 atomizer options ranging from single coil RBA to a six coil head assembly.

The TFV4 is pushing engineering boundaries pretty far, but it may take some getting used to the overwhelming coil options currently available for the tank. This is currently the best vape tank for serious clouds.

This tank will work on mechanical mods and regulated devices, but the temperature control TF-Ti and TF-N2 are only for use with temperature control regulated devices.

All Smok TFV4 Tank coils have long lifespans, ranging from two weeks to a month. All options also feature organic cotton as wick and 304 stainless steel components.

Here are all of the currently available coils for the tank and why you may want to consider them…

TF-T3 is a triple coil head with a resistance of 0.2Ω

This coil head is rated from 40-130 watts of power. Expect to go through considerable e-juice with this coil.

At anything under 40 watts, there will be minimal vapor, if any at all. This coil head will reward you at 75 watts or more with plenty of vapor and plenty of flavor.

It will also rapidly drain your battery, so make sure to always keep a spare on hand.

The TF-Q4 is a quadruple coil head with a resistance of 0.15Ω

Strands of wire are wrapped parallel to each other, to create several coils wrapped together.

Rated from 40-140 watts, the coil requires serious power and will drain your battery. At 81-90 watts, the experience is gratifying.

The head produces considerable vapor, with minimal loss of flavor. Expect to go through bottles of juice pretty fast.

The TF-S6 Sextuple coils 

The Sextuple TF-S6 has three distinct coils, with each one having two strands of wire wrapped in parallel to each other. It may look like the TF-T3 from afar, but up close the dual strands are visible.

This 0.4 ohm resistance head is rated from 30-100 watts and is the most advanced of all the coil heads. It does not require as much power output as the TF-Q4, at 40 watts minimum.

This coil shines at around 60-65 watts. The TF-S6 requires a lot of juice to get through the day because all six coils cover a lot of surface area.

The TF-R1 is the single coil RBA assembly & the TF-R2 is the dual coil option

Both have coils already installed in the deck, so all you need to do is add wick, and you can start vaping.

Both kits come with a pad of organic cotton, a few pre-built coils, spare screws, and a spare o-ring.



The dual coil TF-T2 (1.5Ω) is available in two different options: “Standard Core” & “Air Core”

The TF-T2 “Standard Core” is a dual coil with 1.5Ω resistance

Rated from 20-40 watts max, it is not made for cloud chasers. This coil head offers a cooler vape than the other options and is has the least juice consumption. It is also easy on your battery because it is above an ohm, so expect a longer charge life.

For those vapers who have been wanting to try a new tank but have been hindered by the prevalence of subohm-only coils, a higher resistance option now exists.

The TF-T2 “Air Core” is a dual coil with 1.5Ω resistance

Also rated from 20-40 watts max just like the “Standard Core” option.

The difference lies in the air core, with two extra air channels inside the coil head.

The standard version lacks these channels, and therefore has a less airy draw than the air core.

The TF-Ti is a titanium-based dual coil that is made for only temperature control devices

At 0.33Ω, the range of temperature is 450-600 Fahrenheit.

The TF-Ti’s juice consumption is better than the TF-T3, TF-Q4 or TF-S6, but one drawback is that it can only work with temperature control mods that have the capacity to read titanium coils.

This is the latest mainstream wire for use in vaping, and many mods do not feature this functionality.

These coils are also a great alternative for vapers who exhibit nickel sensitivities.

The dual coil TF-N2 (Ni200) is available in two different options: “Standard Core” & “Air Core”

The TF-N2 “Air Core” is a nickel-based dual coil (Ni200) made for temperature control devices only

It is different from the TF-N2 Standard Core for one reason, the air core includes two extra air channels inside the coil head. The standard version lacks these channels, and therefore has a less airy draw than the Air Core.

The TF-N2 “Standard Core” (Ni200) dual coil is another nickel-based option…

The head varies in resistance slightly at 0.12Ω ± 0.02Ω. This is partly due to having such a low resistance coil and because they are wrapped by hand at Smok’s factory.

The allowable temperature range is 420-600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Both TF-N2 coil heads are similar in juice consumption to the TF-Ti.

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