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Twelve Juno Standalone Battery


The Juno is a modern miracle in vaping technology.

With a solid 380mAh cell that feels more like 600mAh, you get to use your Juno all day and it won't break a sweat.

After several refreshes, you have the longevity of life of two comparable ultra-portables due to battery efficiency.

The flavors have also been refreshed several times, and they have been perfected at this point.

Take a look at how many flavors there are to choose from.

There's no compromise on flavor or vapor from the 1.6mL pods and you even have your choice of nicotine strength. 

Twelve made a perfect vape pen here.

The Juno is hands down one of the best tiny mods you can get for the price. The contact point for pods are copper to prevent loss of electrical conduction, and pods are leak-free. Good luck getting a burnt hit. Pods are durable and last a very reasonable amount of time.

You don't have to worry about a proprietary charging connection - simply use any micro USB charging cable (one is included).

Having a Juno on standby is like a backup plan. If you lose your pod mod, or you want to go out on the town without your expensive setup, you want a Juno in your pocket. The vapor flavor and production is top-notch and you don't have to worry about losing your favorite daily driver.

Each standalone battery includes a micro USB cable to charge the device and a user manual. Pods are sold separately, none are included with the standalone battery.

Twelve Juno Standalone Battery

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