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Sense Sidekik Pod Mod


Sense has been a fixture in the vape industry for years, cutting their teeth on high-performance dual battery and single battery box mods. The Sidekik shows off their engineering prowess in a totally different, ultra-portable market segment.

The Sense Sidekik is low-profile and very user-friendly. No firing button needed!

Simply take a vape and let the air vacuum sensor do the heavy lifting. With a rechargeable 460mAh internal cell, you can expect a decent amount of up-time before needing a charge.

Pods for the Sidekik hold 2mL of e-liquid. When flavor gets muted after a few weeks, simply slide out the coil head and replace it, without having to discard the pod itself. Coils have a resistance of approximately 1.1 ohms.

All of the color choices are prisms and feature an interesting geometric sequence, one that is reminiscent of star formations. With the adjustable power feature, you have two options: normal and high power.

Sense Sidekik Features Include:

  • Dimensions: 91 x 25.5 x 14.5mm
  • Rechargeable 460mAh cell (charging cable included)
  • Wattage output is 10 - 15 watts
  • Adjustable power output - normal and high
  • 2mL capacity pod is filled from the side
  • 1.1 ohm resistance coils
  • Vacuum pressure, no firing button

Each Order Includes:

  • Sense Sidekik pod mod
  • One 1.1 ohm coil head
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Instruction manual and warranty card.

Sense Sidekik Pod Mod

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