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Pioneer4You IPV Xyanide Mod


The Pioneer4You IPV Xyanide will have you wondering about the future. Pioneer4You, a bastion in the vape game, has released their ultimate mod.

A year in the making, you won't recognize the Xyanide, an ultra-futuristic dual battery box mod that offers users the SX460 chipset for a great price.

The IPV Xyanide marks a new chapter in progress for the IPV series - forward thinking engineering backed by Yihi's engineering prowess means you get a reliable daily driver for a reasonable price. We carry Pioneer4You because they are robust devices with Yihi's penchant for quality internals.

Pioneer4You IPV Xyanide looks like a spaceship, ready to blast off.

There's no mistaking the lines. And the rocket-shaped bottom bezels to hold the mod standing up. Of course you have the newest chipset Yihi has to offer, the SX460, found in far higher-priced devices. A full color high definition 0.96" display comes standard.

As if it came in a dream to the head engineer, this vision of the future has geometric shapes as adjustment buttons and rocket boosters at the bottom so it stands up straight. A full range of 200 watts is also found at the tip of your fingers. The Xyanide has a front-facing firing button, something new for P4U.

Pioneer4You IPV Xyanide Features Include:

  • Built by P4U
  • Yihi SX chipset - the SX460
  • Voltage output: 1 - 9.5 volts
  • Wattage range: 5 - 200 watts
  • Joule range: 10 - 120 joules
  • TC range: 212 - 572 Fahrenheit
  • Reads resistance down to 0.15, up to 3.0 ohms in wattage mode
  • Reads resistance down to 0.05, up to 1.5 ohms in joule mod
  • TCR range: 0.00050 - 0.00700
  • Temperature control functionality
  • Anti-dry-burning sensor
  • Flavor modes: Soft, Standard, Powerful, Powerful+
  • 0.96" high definition TFT IPS screen
  • LED bezel to see your mod's silhouette in the dark
  • A range of colors to choose from
  • Geometric shapes for a modern, futuristic look
  • A terrific mod for all-day vaping

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Pioneer4You IPV Xyanide Mod

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