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Geek Vape Lumi Tank


The Lumi by Geek Vape is an exercise in forward thinking. 

Never worry about cleaning your tank out again.

We all have a juice that we love dearly. Some of us have to go above and beyond to vape our favorite juice. Some of our favorite juices hate tanks. They stain them, they destroy coils, or they downright clog wicks. But we do what we must to vape these juices regardless. The Geek Vape Lumi was made for you. The coil is fixed in the tank, and the whole tank is disposable. You can't swap the coil.

You can't change the coil on the Lumi, which makes every new coil come with a fresh tank. Flavor is great when you have a brand new tank. Now, you can have that crystal-clear flavor profile every single time you change your coil.

The Lumi by Geek Vape utilizes a coil architecture dubbed the SuperMesh coil. Optimized for a perfect balance of vapor production and flavor output, you can chug on the Lumi with no worries of leaching. The FDA-grade polycarbonate tank is ready for ultimate temperatures, which would be hard to achieve even when chain-vaping. 

You have 0.3 ohm resistance coils inside the tank, made from A1 Kanthal into a mesh weave. 

Geek Vape Lumi Tank Features Include:

  • Made by Geek Vape
  • 24mm diameter
  • 44mm height
  • Disposable tank atomizer
  • Adjustable airflow control at bottom of tank
  • SuperMesh coils - 0.3 ohm mesh
  • High-temperature polycarbonate tank, can withstand serious temps
  • Medical-grade, FDA-certified PC
  • Refill your Lumi from the top
  • Juice capacity: 4mL

Each Order Includes:

  • Geek Vape Lumi w/ 0.3 ohm mesh coil (non-replaceable)
  • Replacement parts
  • Instructional manual

Geek Vape Lumi Tank

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