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FreeMax Fireluke Pro Tank


The FreeMax Fireluke Pro is in a league all its own. A professional-grade tank atomizer, 25mm in diameter, and robust enough for daily use.

Find yourself asking what does that even mean? Professional-grade products put up to abuse and daily use much better than anything else. Some tanks are dainty; one little fall and you are leaking like a sieve. Or have a "check resistance" issue that prevents firing. Not the pro - you won't hear a peep out of this one from daily wear and tear.

Freemax Fireluke replacement coil heads are available here!

The Fireluke series has been out a while, but the Fireluke Pro is the newest in the line. Lined up next to the Fireluke Mesh, you have the two flagship atomizers FreeMax proudly offers. One with mesh coils, one with Kanthal.

The FreeMax Fireluke Pro is for the seasoned veteran vaper as well as the new beginner.

With a 4ml tank section and more colors than you could shake a stick at, you really can have a customized setup without breaking the bank. Also, FreeMax took the liberty of using interesting materials like resin and carbon fiber to add that extra touch.

FreeMax is a company that established themselves as forward-thinking years ago. They were the first to design a vape tank capable of running 100 watts. Back when they made the Starre, there was nothing like it. Sub-ohming was a relatively new niche and vaping was not mainstream yet.

FreeMax got everybody excited at 100 watts.

Nobody believed it can really reach that high without burning the coil. A YouTube video of someone testing the rating - chain vaping at 100 watts - went viral.

Due to the fact that FreeMax got catapulted to the front, other jealous companies started cloning their atomizer. FreeMax subsequently faded into the background, just one more sad story in an industry full of them.

Today, FreeMax is back in action! Reincarnated and reinvigorated, the Fireluke Pro encompasses years of atomizer manufacturing knowledge to give you a durable and well thought-out tank for easy all-day use.

FreeMax Fireluke Pro Tank Atomizer Features Include:

  • 60mm height
  • 25mm diameter
  • Top-fill with threads, large fill ports
  • Organic cotton as a wick
  • 13mm wide bore 810 tip
  • Dual adjustable bottom airflow
  • Replacement coils available here
    • KA1 Dual vertical coils at either 0.15 or 0.25 ohms
    • Sextuple 0.15 ohms
    • Duodenary 0.15 ohm
  • 4ml juice reservoir
  • Gold-plated 510 threading for excellent mod contact

FreeMax Fireluke Pro Tank

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