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Freed CBD Softgels


Freed is a company with a singular mission - to made raw, natural CBD products as pure and simple as possible. Based out of California, Freed expends most of their energy ensuring the purity of their product along each step of production. All their products are made in the USA.

Softgels are one of the fastest ways to get CBD absorbed by your body - and this extra-strength formula will make you feel great.

Grown in Colorado, their broad spectrum THC-free CBD oil is solvent-free and includes the natural terpene taste and smell. This is the way hemp oil should be vaped - without any impurities. Terpenes have positive, synergistic benefits to your body's chemistry. 

Produced with non-GMO components, this nanoemulsion CBD hemp oil capsules are water soluble, fast-acting, and include 25mg of active broad spectrum CBD in each capsule.

Free from any sugar, gluten, alcohol, dyes and THC, you get a raw earth organic proprietary CBD compound that is perfectly pure. 

Each order includes 30 gel caps.

Please take one 25mg capsule a day and wait three hours after initial use to see how your body reacts to the level of CBD.

Ingredients in original: Organic CBD Hemp Oil.

Melatonin is a naturally-occurring compound in your brain chemistry that tells you when it is time to go to sleep. The version with melatonin activates this chemical compound to put you in a state of rest, allowing you to have sound sleep.

Freed CBD Softgels

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