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Coastal Clouds

Coastal Clouds Saltwater Mango


Coastal Clouds is a reputable, award-winning e-juice maker based out of California that vapes what they create. An eye on constantly evolving to make the best e-liquid is what brought them so much success.

Saltwater Mango was developed to recreate the mango groves in South Asia that grow right off the beaches. They have amazing mangoes down there, and Coastal Clouds has put them into ready-to-vape form.

Coastal Clouds has been around the block, tweaking and tuning each and every flavor all the time.

Each bottle is sold in a 30ml bottle with a precision tip applicator, so there's no mess when you fill your pod-based mod.

Please vape responsibly, in a low-power device, with resistance of over 1.0 ohms or thereabouts. 

Nicotine Salts are not the same as regular e-juice.

Vaping 25mg and 45mg nicotine strengths with nicotine salts are not the same as vaping 12mg or 24mg regular e-liquid. It is not comparable due to the way salts are vaporized. Please note that everyone's preference is different, so it might take some experimenting to recognize the nicotine strength you are most comfortable with.

The main difference between regular e-juice and nicotine salts e-juice lies in how your bloodstream absorbs nicotine. A combustible cigarette's nicotine content is absorbed faster into your bloodstream than regular e-liquid, and nicotine salts come closer to the "rush" you experience when you take a pull from a traditional cigarette due to the absorption rate. Further, Salt nicotine is available from 25mg up to 50mg nicotine strength.

Salt-based nicotine e-liquid is not designed for sub-ohm setups. Please vape this juice with higher resistance setups or ultra-portable pod mods. Resistance should be 1.0 ohms or more.

Coastal Clouds Saltwater Mango

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