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Asmodus X Ultroner EOS II


Durable, versatile, packed with features and finished with stabilized wood, the EOS II from Asmodus is in a league all its own.

If you are an expert vaper looking for a mod that meets your stringent requirements, you may have just found your match.

Asmodus has been making high-end mods for years, and are very reputable. They collaborated with ULTRONER, a chip set maker, and that collab is what breathes life into the box. Asmodus and ULTRONER partnered before, with the first-generation EOS. Together they have been tweaking the board for quite a while now. This chipset is the ULTRONER GX-180-UTC, their top-shelf components went into the EOS II. 

The touchscreen display has adjustment keys and is user-friendly for an intuitive user experience. User feedback has been taken into account - there are two optional firmware files, one that allows you to customize the background with any RGB color, and also adjust the brightness. The second is an ultra-simple black background with white text. You can accentuate this setup with a little splash of color. 

Touchscreen functionality means swipe left or right to change the firing mode.

Simply swipe left or right on the touchscreen display to change the firing mode. You can choose from soft, normal and hard firing modes. Hard pre-heats the coil for instant vapor production. You can customize quite a bit on the EOS II. Set your puff limit if you don't want to vape more than a certain amount. Change the color of your screen. And so much more! The only button on the mod is the firing button - and it is hefty.

Designed to prevent dust, cat hair, or anything else from getting inside, it is built to last. Externally you have an aluminum shell that is both strong and light. The stabilized wood finish is real, and your mod includes a wood buffing tool to keep your finish perfect. The 510 connection is bulletproof, and reinforced for longevity of life. Expect stellar performance from the EOS II.

Asmodus X Ultroner EOS II Features Include:

  • Ultroner GX-180-UTC board
  • Wattage range: 5 - 180 watts
  • Max voltage output: 7.5 volts
  • IPS captive touch display
  • Requires two 18650 cells (sold separately)
  • Micro USB charging port, doubles as a firmware update port
  • Soft, Normal and Hard firing modes with preheat
  • Full temperature control suite
  • Customize your background via firmware
  • Sturdy and durable reinforced 510 connection
  • Real stabilized wood finish
  • Solid billet aluminum frame for lighter weight and tensile strength
  • Fits 26mm atomizers without overhang
  • Reads resistance from 0.1 ohms to 3.0 ohms

Each Order Includes:

  • Asmodus EOS II mod
  • Wood buffing tool to keep your stab wood perfect
  • Velvet carrying bag
  • Instruction manual

Asmodus X Ultroner EOS II

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