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Altus T1 Atomizer by Guo Vape


The Altus T1 Atomizer by Guo Vape is generation two. Still using the CVU chip, everything else is different.

The Altus T1 is designed for expert vapers, and works best with a temperature control device such as the Yihi SX Mini. Evolv Technology's DNA boards do not work well with the T1. The T1 requires fine-tuning based on the type of juice you are vaping. The PG/VG ratio in your juice makes a difference.

When re-wicking the T1, make sure you do not leave any space between the cotton and the slots. Fill the area with wick otherwise the tank will leak. 

The Altus T1 is a coil-less solution and the completely redesigned successor to the original Altus. Working closely with the industry's leading engineers, Guo Vape is currently integrating every single piece of user feedback from the first generation Altus. Featuring cutting-edge mechanics like the Spin Pull and Seal™ top-fill mechanism to prevent juice overflow and flooding.

There are huge differences between this tank and your regular coil atomizer. The Altus T1 improves upon every usability aspect of the Altus and unlocks the full potential of the truly new-age CVU platform. The CVU is a state-of-the-art ceramic metallic composite heating element. The Altus T1 has a redesigned wicking process, two large adjustable air slots, 4 ml of e-liquid capacity, and the top-fill system mechanics are custom designed for use with the tank, not found anywhere else. The sleek, shorty tank form factor seals the deal.

The Central Vaping Unit (CVU) is a heating element that is in the form of a "chip" and is the most advanced and sophisticated technologies to be released in the vape industry to date. This material was developed to be one of the fastest thermo-conductive materials in the world and capable of handling high levels of applied temperature.

The CVU offers a far lower vaporization temperature than any other tank on the market. This means nicotine can taste a little harsher, and juice profiles taste much more full-bodied.  It is one of the most balanced ways to vape, economizing juice consumption while outperforming other tanks in flavor, even bringing out notes in nuanced juices that were unrecognized when vaped on coil-based tanks.

The Central Vaping Unit offers a conductive tungsten material infused in a ceramic composition with a substantial amount of surface area for peak performance in temperature control and comparative wattage mode settings. The squared surface area is larger than complex coils by and large. The new chip in the Altus T1 Tank requires less ramp up time, and the ramp up is currently undergoing further reductions.

When paired with the new Sigelei 213 mod, ramp up is minimal; the power up setting effectively neutralized the first ramp up time from a cold tank, which is further reduced after consequent vapes. The new Altus T1 design structure was revamped for ease of use when switching out cotton. The method to wick is now tied to the reassembly of the chimney, instead of relying on a lock nut and an o-ring.

Airflow has been changed dramatically to allow for direct access to the CVU itself, greatly enhancing the dual wide cyclops airflow slots with fine-tune adjustment which results in considerable airflow and does not detract from the crystal-clear notes coming off of your favorite e-juice.

Some of the new features of the Altus T1:

  • CVU redesigned for faster reaction time and greater durability
  • 22mm diameter
  • 4ml juice reservoir
  • Solid stainless steel construction
  • Pyrex tank section
  • Dual airflow chambers fully adjustable
  • New-generation CVU made in the USA
    • CVU is revolutionary cutting edge production ceramic metallic with non-oxidizing tungsten wire
  • Triple-plated gold terminals
  • Easy cleaning with one quick dry burn.
  • Spin Pull and Seal™ technology for top-fill
  • Redesigned chimney for more saturation and efficiency

Altus T1 Atomizer by Guo Vape

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