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Youde Zephyrus V2

Youde Zephyrus V2

Youde Zephyrus V2


4.25 out of 5
12 Reviews
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Rated 4.25 out of 5 based on 12 customer ratings
(10 customer reviews)

Youde Zephyrus V2 Tank features a redesigned top fill system to make it even easier to refill. The airflow has also been improved with four channels instead of two. Holds 5ml of juice!

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The Youde Zephyrus V2 Tank is the evolved version of the Zephyrus. It will work with Zephyrus version 1 coils. The coils that this atomizer will work with are the UD OCC coil heads, as well as your own build.

Zephyrus tank coils come in 0.2, 0.3, and 0.5 ohm resistance. All the coils utilize Japanese organic cotton. There is a ceramic element in the base to maximize flavor, Youde’s signature feature. The ceramic cup is found outside of the coil head, there is no ceramic element at all in the organic cotton coil. The Zephyrus V2 coils have a metal element that can be removed and used on replacement coils, bringing down the price of coils altogether.

It can be a contender for best RBA and coil head tank. By having both parts come with the tank, the possibilities are limitless. The tank holds 5ml of e-liquid. The Pyrex tank section means you can use any juice you like. The Zephyrus comes with one single coil and one dual head, as well as a replacement Pyrex tank section. The airflow holes are 3mm by 6.5mm, thereby allowing significant airflow. Temperature control nickel coil heads are also available for this atomizer.

The drip tip is chamfered like the inside of a gun barrel. This helps vapor swirl up when pulling on the tank, and keeps flavor at a maximum level. The drip tip is also well-fit, unlike many other sub-ohm tanks. The fit is so great, in fact, that one is reminded of an authentic RDA like the Derringer and associated drip tip. The AFC ring has been revised for more airflow. The o-rings for the glass tank section are far beefier than others currently on the market.

Youde Zephyrus V2 Features Include:

  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Made by Youde/UD
  • 0.2, 0.3, and 0.5 ohm coils available
  • Giant airflow holes 3mm x 6.5mm
  • Blue, red and clear o-rings for more styling choices!
  • Ceramic element in base for better flavor
  • Redesigned top fill valve
  • Redesigned AFC valve – more restrictive airflow for increased flavor
  • Fluted chimney is now notable skinnier for max flavor
  • 5ml e-liquid capacity
  • Pyrex tank section.
  • Japanese organic cotton coil heads
  • 22mm diameter

Additional Information

Weight 6 oz


Black, Stainless Steel

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4.25 out of 5 stars

10 reviews

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  1. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful

    5 out of 5 Probably one of the best tanks available -- but not for the amateur.

    This is likely one of the best tank atomizers out there — and I own many, from Kanger to Atlantis II to Erlkonigen to Kayfun. The flavor off the Zephyrus is amazing, and it will chuck as good clouds as anything out there. short of a competition RDA. Fit and finish is excellent It’s not a tank for those who are unfamiliar with rebuilding, nor is it for those who simply want to dump some juice in and vape away. It’s a little complicated. When I first unboxed this tank, I tried the factory supplied coil. It delivered excellent flavor and very respectable clouds, but it wasn’t long before the coils shorted. Youde needs to QC their coils a little better. The next day, I stuck a .7 build on, 12 wraps of 28 ga Youde tiger wire, dual coil, and ran it at 25 watts on my Seven30. I wicked with Youde cotton, which is excellent. My first build gave great clouds and excellent flavor, but I was sitting in a pool of hot e-liquid after a short time. The tank leaked all over. I generally go minimalist on the cotton, and the Zephyrus wants a lot of packing. After re-wicking with a lot more cotton, I got the same flavor and clouds with no leaking at all. Best of all, it appears almost impossible to dry-hit this system. I mounted it to my Precision Workman mech and machine-gunned it, and didn’t deliver a single dry hit. Air flow is massive wide-open, and is quite a lot better than the Youde Goblin. There are a lot of O-rings in this rig, and they all must be in place for it to function properly. The deck is very tight. 12 per side wraps of 28 was about maxing things out on a micro-coil. The posts would probably accept 26 or 24 gauge in a pinch, but there honestly isn’t a lot of room, and you have to build precisely. I’d say that this is my current favorite tank for flavor and performance. Both are exceptional. Once Youde irons out their QC issues on their pre-built coils, it will likely step into being one of the best available. Not it’s an intermediate/experienced piece.

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  2. Tim

    5 out of 5 Best subohm tank available AFAIK

    Initial thoughts on the Zephyrus.

    Came clean as a whistle, still gave it a bath but had no signs of oil.

    Build quality is top notch but there are some sharp edges underneath the airflow ring and fill cap, bitch will cut you if not careful. Not machining mistakes, just not beveled to prevent an edge.

    Stock 0.3 ohm coil provides a wet, flavorful vape that is 90%+ as good as a dripper. Cloud chucker for sure.

    Have not used the rebuildable section but being four post it is easy for a seasoned builder to coil it up nicely, machining is great, has a peek insulator and four large 3+mm airflow holes.

    Airflow is massive, I mean MASSIVE. Unless you look down at the tank you would think it was a competition RDA wide open. This is with the stock head, the rebuildable section has even more airflow.

    All and all it’s a quality piece and I would certainly buy it again.

    One of the red o-rings was cut but I shot out an email to Origin Vape and a new set was on their way within 24 hours, awesome shop. Not only did they bump my free shipping up to Priority 2 Day but they threw in a nice sticker and a couple of jolly ranchers, I like little things like that.

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    • Roger

      Chill out man he didn’t say anything about screws…If you are as “intelligent” as your arrogant overtone leads to believe, I would assume you could at least read…

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    • derick

      Screws are under the rba base beneath the white wrap paper dumbass

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  3. Sebastian gilarranz

    2 out of 5 didnt last me very long.

    I was using it for a few weeks loving it. The flavor is amazing and clouds are great. However i bought this unit for the rebuildable section and was severely dissapointed. After just a few weeks 2 of the screws sripped. It didnt even come with an extra screws. I dont know if its too late to ask for a refund but whatever. Ill prabably try something new with meatier screws.

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    • derick

      Screws are under the rba base under a piece of paper bro it’s all there just open your damn eyes

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    3 out of 5 NICE TANK


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  5. Lloyd Uselton

    5 out of 5 zephyrys simple

    I love this tank,light,compact, anb easy to build and wick. Just wish i could find parts, neen fill plug

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  6. Allen

    4 out of 5 Pretty awesome flavor

    Flavor is fantastic and coming from a dropper the lung hits are close to a competition dropper except with a tank attached. I had mine leak due to not keeping everything closed while filling and I haven’t perfected the wicking yet but it chucks clouds. Changed out the o rings it comes with with some more and the leaking stopped so maybe they were damaged right out the box. I’m pretty satisfied with mine though. Thanks origin vape!

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  7. bpurtell24

    5 out of 5 Great product

    My first RTA was the Original Zephyrus and it was a dream to me once I figured out how to wick it. The Zephyrus v2 in my opinion has worked out all the flaws in the v2
    Bigger build deck
    Better top fill design
    Just an all around great tank that will really bring out the flavor in the juices that you spend your hard earned cash on… Now I ordered this just recently. Might have been xmas day actually come to think of it. Package arrived Tuesday following Christmas. That shipping time should speak for itself. Great company.

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  8. munday78

    4 out of 5 Great tank

    Been using this for over a week now with the same .3ohm occ coil. Still tastes like the first day. Airflow is perfect. Have it about 3/4 open. Huge range for people who like a lot of airflow or a tighter draw. The only negative is the rba deck. Cant fit claptons or over 5 wraps of 24g without it touching the chimney. It DOES come with extra screws for the rba,extra glass and 2 other sets of colored orings (blue and red) along with the white. Holds 6ml. Very happy with this tank!

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  9. Ezell McKinnon

    5 out of 5 The sequel...

    Let’s just say this. The original Zephyrus, well it was really good flavor. The pre-made coils were great on flavor but had leaking issues. The RBA deck was decent but could not compare to the Billow V2. Also, the rubber stopper was a pain, dropped it a few times and it was an inconvenience. Now, the Zephyrus V2, I have to say, is hands down, way better than the original. I love the rba deck on this one. The flavor is way better. Another thing I can say is, the screws are awesome and heavy duty, UD sure knows what screws to use. Prebuilt coils are good and I preferred using those with the original but, with the V2, is am happier to go with the new RBA deck. I recently started using titanium and, wow what a difference. Origin Vape, is just awesome. I ordered this, along with some ssl wire and titanium wire on Christmas Day. I picked up my order at the mailbox, two business days later, clear on the other side of the US. Great experience all around.

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  10. Mack

    5 out of 5 Zephyreffinawesome!!!

    Huge upgrade from version one. No leaks, so far. Flavor is awesome, compared to the first. Prebuilt coils have great flavor but don’t last. RBA deck is bigger and easier to work on. RBA flavor is great, better than stock built coils. Did I mention, it hasn’t leaked. If UD keeps pumping good stuff out, I may become a huge fan. Deck is better than Billow V2, and I love the Billow V2. If I lost the Zephyrus V2, I would buy it again.

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  11. Bobby

    Worst tank I ever had

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  12. suprarb

    I have had this RTA/Tank for a few weeks now and the first 2 builds I put in the RBA head just dumped the entire tank of max VG out of the airflow & I only use RTA’s so I would consider myself to be a pretty good builder. So my 3rd build was the charm dual 24 AWG A1 Kanthal coils 9 wraps each @ 2.5mm and I found that when wicking this deck you have to pull appx. 1/4 O.C. pad with both sides removed and leave the wick short, once I began this building method I have been very pleased with the Zephyrus V2 as I usually am from UD’s RTA;s. I look at this as more of an RTA that you can use the pre-built coils in if your out and you decide to change liquids, basically in a pinch and can’t build. Top Fill is one of my favorite out now , the air flow is improved IMO as it is a bit tighter than the V1. So all in all after the initial problems with leaking I DO LIKE THIS RTA/TANK! Without a doubt improved from the V1 the only thing that I don’t like is that you can’t clean the air flow without taking the entire tank apart and putting it under water. I would recommend this item to experienced builder’s as the deck has plenty of room for what ever builds you like, if you are going to use this as a sub-tank the pre built coils are great if that’s your thing. Now UD needs to get with it & put out a 2 post double stacked velocity style deck, am I rite???? Thanks Origin Vape FOR THE GREAT PRODUCTS & GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!

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