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Limitless LMC Pulse Beginner Pod Kit

Limitless LMC Pulse Beginner Pod Kit

Limitless LMC Pulse Beginner Pod Kit

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3.17 out of 5
6 Reviews
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Rated 3.17 out of 5 based on 6 customer ratings
(1 customer review)

LMC, Limitless Mod Company, is famous for their designs and performance in the cloud chasing world. With the LMC Limitless Pulse, you now see them entering the beginner’s area for the first time. And boy, are they making a grand entrance!

Each Pulse includes the mod, two empty pods and a charging cable.

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The Limitless Pulse comes as LMC breaks into the beginner market having seen a ton of success in the cloud chaser realm. Their Arms Race mod was released just a short while ago and the vape community loves it already. We also have seen LMC produce a dual-18650 mod with break success.

This little mod is a stark contrast to their usual products. Instead of high-power, Pulse is a low-power device and has a 380 mAh internal cell that you charge via mini USB. Additionally, the designer of the mod, Asher Dynamics, is an American company. Try the Limitless Pulse as your next vape pen – LMC doesn’t do anything half-way.

The Limitless Pulse is the newest addition to the Limitless product line. The Pulse Pod System Vape Pen is a new 2ml pod system that uses an 8 watt 380 mah internal battery that you can recharge.

The Limitless Pulse comes with:

  • One full complete Pulse mod with a refillable pod installed
  • 1 extra pod USB charger

To use the Limitless pulse, simply pull out the pod by gripping  the top part of the unit and then remove the pod! To access the fill port, remove the top black mouth piece. You will see a rubber plug. At this point you can remove this plug entirely, or just one side to access the fill ports.

Use a thin needle tip bottle, like a unicorn bottle, or syringe to fill the pod. Afterwards, simply reassemble the top and bottom parts, and install the pod. With an air intake sensor, there is no need to turn the LMC Pulse Vape pen on, simply draw and inhale from the mouth piece!

The button on the center of the Pulse Pod Vape Pen allows you to change the color of the LED light system. If you are looking for the best pod (closed) system beginner kit, pick up a Limitless Pulse vape pen and get a better draw, more airflow, and an awesome vape!

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Weight 5.0 oz

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3.17 out of 5 stars

1 review

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    sweet looking device but felt flimsy. I also didn’t like how you couldn’t tell the battery level and a bit difficult to fill the pods

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  2. onlyifiknowyou

    This is the best pod system available right now to suit my needs. I’ve been vaping since 2007 and have tried everything under the sun from Smoking Everywhere to subohm mods. I started using e cigs to quit smoking and it worked for me. I started getting lost in endless mods and making my own juice. My nic levels for “cloud chasing” were so low that I was chain vaping to no end. I have MyJet, Von Erl, and Suorin Air. The Pulse, coupled with Mr. Salt e juice, has me back on track and I love it!

    The only potential “con” I see is that the pod is actually about 1.2ml, but with that being said, it’s plenty since the pods are very economical on juice. The fill port is another potential con, as the plugs can be a bit tricky to get out and sometimes can be pushed inside, especially when the plugs are wet.

    The draw is fine for MTL, and similar to the Von Erl. The unique shape of the Pulse makes it easy to see which end to draw on in the dark while driving. The 5 click on/off function is great to make sure there are no misfires while in your pocket. The 3 click Stealth mode is perfect for when the lights would draw unwanted attention.

    The battery lasts a long time. I can start the day with a fresh battery, drive to work (45 minutes in each direction) work 8 hours, and back home on one charge and still have plenty left in my pod. I can set the Pulse on my desk and not worry about someone seeing a huge box mod! Remember that I am talking about using Mr. Salt for faster nic absorption.

    The freedom to choose what I want to vape is huge for me, and the closed systems that don’t sell blanks are too restrictive to me. This system works so well for me that I bought two, and with only taking 45 minutes to charge, I always have a fresh battery.

    My U- Can is the perfect match for the Pulse. The needle tip and 10ml storage makes it perfect to carry and fill the pods with ease. I also carry a small power bank to charge where there is no power available. Switching out the pods with different flavors is easy and keeps flavors fresh. So much easier than a tank!

    My local vape shops have switched to selling 6mg e juice as their max. They ate selling to the cloud chaser crowds, as opposed to those that seriously want to quit analogs. Not a good trend for serious vapers that look to e cigs to keep away from analogs.

    The Pulse isn’t perfect, but right now it’s the best and most versatile pod system available to me.

    Origin is amazing! I’ve only ordered 3 times so far and shipping is ultra fast, CS is friendly and helpful. They were one of the first places in the USA to offer the Pulse, as well as replacement pods. Well done Origin, keep the Pulse and pod in stock, I’m ordering more! ?

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  3. adamdep211

    This is the worst mtl pod device ever. Neither pods fit. Dry burns every other hit. It is horrible unless I got a defective one. But I am very very disappointed in this thing.

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  4. rfa88

    Great device & very well made. Components fit snugly which make for no leaking. Nice smooth MTL draw which others do not have. Highly recommended for smokers willing to try vaping & are wanting to use their own different liquids. If anyone would not want to be bothered learning to fill pods then I would highly recommend My Von Erl instead.

    It is true the stopper on the pods are a bit cumbersome when wet however I did contact the manufacturer who wrote me that they are looking to redesign the stoppers. A unicorn bottle or syringe is needed to fill these so if you don’t have one of these you had best buy one at purchase. It is also recommended to use a 40pg/60vg liquid or a 50/50 for best wicking. The wick is silicone so I would suggest allowing liquid to soak at least a good 15 min. on first fill of a new pod otherwise it is possible to get a dry hit. None of the pod systems are meant to be chain vaped either which could possibly cause that problem. I have however been able to successfully use a high vg liquid in these pods but I am not a chain vaper & have patience allowing the liquid to thoroughly soak in a new pod. I have pods filled & ready to go in all different flavors which are literally a snap to change at any time….nice!

    The lights may seem a bit gimmicky but they are fun. 3 fast clicks will turn them off unless charging as unit will light up red when charging whether you have the unit turned off or not. I enjoy the lights in darkened environments.

    One con is there is no battery indicator to show how much drain the battery has but I simply put the unit on a charger at night so that it’s always good to go the next day. I also brought this up in correspondence with the manufacturer so maybe they might do something about this in the future.

    I have tried many of the pod devices & found this one to be a real winner. It is the ONLY one I’ve found that does not leak!

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  5. Tina

    Piece of junk, I’ve owned mine for about a week and and am severely disappointed. I bought mine to use at work for the strong nic. I have the Juul and liked it, but, the price of the pods is too much. So I bought the Pulse so I could refill the pods and save some money. First off the button is loose. But the MAJOR problem I have is it leaks in my mouth. The spit back is so bad I can barley use it. I’m using Mr. Salt E juice and when it gets in my mouth it makes my throat sore. I’m not talking about just once in a while, pretty much every hit. And I’ve tried both of the pods it came with. I’d expect more from Limitless considering they are a higher end manufacturer. I would not recommend this to anyone. Check out some of the other new pod systems.

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  6. Cordell Meiburg

    5 out of 5 Best Pod System on the Market

    This is amazing. i love limitless mods so thats why I bought this. And I am Very happy with it. people who are getting spit back are either doing something wrong or hitting it way to hard. it works great for me and looks amazing

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