Altus Coil-less Atomizer Tank by Guo

Altus Coil-less Atomizer Tank by Guo

Altus Coil-less Atomizer Tank by Guo


2.88 out of 5
24 Reviews
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Rated 2.88 out of 5 based on 24 customer ratings
(24 customer reviews)

The Altus Tank by Guo brings clarity to your flavor, efficiency to your setup, and a sigh of relief to your wallet. Imagine never buy or rebuilding another coil head again.

Since the Altus is no longer in production, check out our other unique RTA vape tanks. Also be sure to check out our new arrivals section for our selection of new vape mods and high-end RDA vape atomizers, where you will find the newest devices the industry has to offer.

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The Altus Tank has arrived.

Welcome to the future.

Since the Altus is no longer in production, check out our other unique RTA vape tanks. Also be sure to check out our new arrivals section for our selection of new vape mods and high-end RDA vape atomizers, where you will find the newest devices the industry has to offer.

The tank atomizer has finally transcended replacement coil heads and now requires nothing more than a 22.5mm x 22.5mm square of cotton.

Using a cutting-edge silicon valley material that was developed over two years, this tank has a CVU chip, or center vaping unit, that has been granted over a dozen patents in the United States and lasts for years.

This is the cutting edge. It is also a durable and reliable product, with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

This material was designed for use in vaping, and is an advanced solid state heater. The CVU is safer than any wire, and within operating temperature it will run forever. The CVU is non-metallic and non-toxic, with a purer and cleaner flavor delivery than any wire currently on the market. There is no need to dry burn it, and dry burning it voids the warranty.

In essence, The CVU chip is the coil head.

With far more surface area than a coil, it was engineered to heat up in a perfectly balanced way, unlike regular coils which heat up inside out, and over time, heat less of the perimeter of the coil, and more of the center. This CVU chip lasts for years.

Juice consumption will surprise you. The tank will not drain juice like super-sub ohm tanks such as the TFV4 or Mutank. The Altus tank sips juice economically and efficiently, and still provides great flavor and vapor production.

The surface of the CVU does not oxidize under 1832 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be used with temperature control functionality at up to 200 watts, and 480 Fahrenheit. It will also undoubtedly work on any regulated mod, with or without temperature control, from 25 to 75 watts.

The CVU unit has a resistance reading of approximately 0.5 ohms when it is room temperature. The terminals are gold-plated. As the CVU is heated, the resistance reading will climb up. This occurs during use and is normal. When you set your mod back down, the juice cools down the chip and the reading returns to approximate 0.5 ohms.

An instruction manual with easy to read, clear instructions with images is included. Each order also includes one Altus coil-less atomizer, replacement o-rings and cotton squares. CVU made in the United States.

Tip: To clean the CVU, use a toothbrush and some whitening toothpaste. When you are done, the residue will be gone and it will be good as new!


Altus Tank by Guo Features Include:

  • CVU is designed, engineered and made in the United States
    • Lasts years, no more pre-built coils or rebuilding coils
  • 23mm diameter tank
  • Gold-plated terminal contacts on CVU
  • More durable CVU
  • AFC with tremendous airflow
  • 25-75 watt range in non-temp control mode
  • 300 – 480 F in temp control mode
  • Pyrex tank section
  • One year limited warranty from manufacturer
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-metallic
  • Safe at high temperatures
  • Temperature control ready
  • Never buy another coil head again
  • Pure, clean flavor
  • Perfectly balanced wick heating, every time

Additional Information

Weight 6 oz


  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    the ramp up time is alittle slow even on my sx mini q class with powerful+ mode. but the temp control with this tank works awesome with great flavor. I took off a mm of the bottom barrel so that it could wick like the serpent mini. it wicks so nice!?????

  2. Hi, seems it works only in sub-ohm. I hate sub-ohm atom, don’t like it. There is any possibility let it work as a “standard” atomizer, like 1.5-1.8ohm so not as sub-ohm?

  3. I’ve never seen any information. This tank is how many ml?

  4. On my comment about my wife, I got her OFF those cancer sticks, don’t want people pinning me down on leaving a word out !!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    I’m anxious to get my altus for testing.
    it is a real novelty in the vape !!!
    in the future, this process will it be applied on rda?

  6. No dry burning per the video. Just rinse the CVU in water and let it dry.

  7. Expert users, no one knows the answer ?

  8. Rated 2 out of 5

    but it needs better airflow and not have to wait up to 3 seconds for it to ramp up. It needs to be a top fill tank, in my opinion. The tank gets way to hot that you can hardly touch it, when it needs a refill. The price of this tank needs to come down to be comparable with other tanks, I know this is suppose to be a lifetime of no more coils, no one will buy this at the price it is currently at.

  9. If the chip fails how do we replace it? And, it is necessary to clean or dry burn the chip like with the regular coils? How?

  10. Rated 1 out of 5

    The tank only fills half way, very annoying to re-fill,
    No replacement tank,
    The cotton provided gave me a horrible vape,
    The ramp up time really drains battery fast,
    But, most important, it gives a harsh vape,
    Overall a very poorly designed and overpriced tank with mediocre flavor and a harsh vape. I was really excited to get this, HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT . If I could get a refund, I would.

  11. Rated 2 out of 5

    Didn’t work too well. I would wait on the next revision or 2.

  12. Rated 2 out of 5

    it vapes but not like the little video shows ,,i have 4 high dollar temp control devices and still cant get a good vape and it gets hot as hell if ya wanna chain vape over 3 hits ,i would return it but its used now if any one has figured how to set up a good vape ,,share it ,,wattage ,,temp ,,ni ,,ti ,,ss or wattage only thanks

  13. Rated 2 out of 5

    This thing leaks more juice than you are able to vape. Doesn’t matter if it’s sitting up straight or tilted, it leaks the same amount of juice. Wait to buy until they figure this out. Very disappointed that this device would be shipped with how drastic an amount of leakage occurs.

  14. Rated 2 out of 5

    Cool idea, needs several improvements. First and foremost… TOP FILL!!! Filling this thing is a mess, don’t try it if your out to hand a good time. Second, apparently only world really well with a DNA 200 chip. Pretty sporty investment. No replacement glass, sadly. Needs to hold more juice. It’s 2016, surely any company can do better than this, especially at $120+….. Wanna buy mine!

  15. Tell you what guys. 1 week after these tanks ship, I will sell the pre-sized cotton pads to anybody that wants them. Prelim price is $1.00 for 4 pre-sized organic cotton pads. Shipping and sales tax is extra. (prices subject to change)

  16. 1 week after these tanks ship, I will sell the pre-sized cotton pads to anybody that wants them. Prelim price is $1.00 for 4 pre-sized organic cotton pads. Shipping and sales tax is extra. (prices subject to change)

  17. I’ll buy yours at what you paid. Reply back and we can work details in private.

  18. Rated 2 out of 5

    Vapor production is horrible and wet, nicotine is unbearable even at 3mg, annoying to fill, kills battery life, tank gets hot to touch, etc but what makes me the most angry is on the box it has the slogan for GUO as “chase bigger.” I should have known that any company willing to false advertise like this is just trash. Fuck David GUO and I hope your company bankrupts and your fake uncle goes back to smoking cigs

  19. It says it goes from .36-6ohms if you watched the inventors video!!!

  20. Where can we buy the 22.5ml cotton

  21. Made in the USA. He is from California, and designed it while in college.

  22. When is this going to be available?

  23. When is the projected release date?

  24. THis feel really fake. It looks amazing and il defently buy one however if it’s not been released then why is it sold out?

  25. So let’s see… Something not yet released, & therefore marked “sold out” rather than, oh idk.. “add to cart”.. One would think it’s pretty darned self-explanatory??!

  26. The cotton is your worry? Certainly seems like the easy part. We figured out how much to put in a coil…

  27. What does it ohm out to, and I’m assuming it is a bottom fill tank?

  28. Is this made in the US or China? For $120 it seems steep for a CE.

  29. Where can we get the 22.5ml square cotton ?

  30. Is the chip replaceable, or is it most of the investment? What about the other components like glass and o-rings? I posed a similar question to GUO on YouTube.

    This makes sense if we can be well-stocked, but if we spend $120 and suddenly can not get parts (either due to how the mfg makes them available, or due to those evil regulators), we might be stuck holding the bag, or, our finger and our thumb in the shape of an “L” on our forehead.

    * More important question- how does it vape?! I recently tried Freemax ceramic coils in a Starre, and I have to say, if this were my only option, I’d quit vaping and then I’d rather not think about what might come next. New G-Clapton, also pretty bad. So far, I remain a kanthal vapor in regular power mode, not impressed yet by any other.

  31. It’s a system limitation. Depending on what they use it is pretty common to use “sold out” over “add to cart” as a method of preventing some idiot placing an order for a product that they don’t actually have yet. The fact they HAD the add to cart option enabled a few days ago at a placeholder price of $999 dollars and changed it probably means some idiot actually ordered it for a thousand bucks. Simply making it sold out to disable purchasing is way easier then refunding some idiot the thousand bucks.

  32. Of course there are precut packs available for sale. I ordered some from Japan before.

  33. I was thinking the same thing, I was interested to see what someone had to say, then I see they just left a comment in the review section.

  34. Please enlighten us by posting a link to 22.5mm x 22.5mm cotton squares and let us know how you determined the proper thickness. I have tons of Japanese organic cotton but wondering about the precut square that fit Altus like the 20 squares that come with it.

  35. Here’s just one link. There’s this thing called “google”, use it. Idiot.

  36. Your link is to a pad 1.87″ by 2.33″ (that’s 474 mm x 591 mm for you since you apparently have trouble with such math), not 22.5mm x 22.5mm and is much too thick for Altus. And even you should still be asking how think the 22.5mm x 22.5mm is. So question remains unanswered. Maybe you should read it again ‘lil Mikey.

  37. Rated 1 out of 5

    I’d MUCH rather spend like $25 on a tank and an extra $20 for 2 5packs of coils than $120 on a coil-less atomizer. Those 2 5 packs, with 2-3 that come with tank, and possibly RBA section, would last me a good 6 months until i purchased my next tank… The price is absurd, great idea yes….but stupidly priced!

  38. Rated 2 out of 5

    works as advertised. not top fill and half vape as uwell or most sub tanks. taste burnt on non sweet juices for me.
    needs more for 100.00

  39. Rated 1 out of 5

    Ok,to start this review off before anyone can say anything,I own 2 vape stores for over 2 years.i also have been vaping for over 4 years,so I am not new,inexperienced,nor low iq level!hear me when I say this tank sucks!!i am 38 years old,and watched vaping transform to what it is,and this tank is a few steps back!i was excited,then it came,then my heart broke!takes forever to ramp up,at 75 watts its a very cold vape and produces lil cloud production!holds hardly no juice too!dont waste money or time!you all have been warned!mine stays in the box!

  40. ok… it’s for sale

  41. I haven’t noticed any savings on heat production (using proper tungsten tcr). It still gets insanely hot regardless and in order to get a decent ramp up I had to set it at 200w 8punch for 1 second.

  42. from what i have been reading here this is still a no go, but i think if we wait not to long the chinese will figure it out. am i right or what

  43. You’re doing it wrong…

  44. I see this as an early-adopter product. It has flaws, but with a tungsten TCR on a DNA 200 I could get it to ramp up in a reasonable time and provide great flavor. The inventor did mention you should cut your nic level because of the way the chip creates the vapor. I agree the stock cotton was horrible in flavor and my regular nic levels are harsh.

  45. Ramp up is quite good with a Tungsten TCR in a DNA 200. It actually cuts down on overall heat as well.

  46. Rated 5 out of 5

    I’ve been using mine for over a month now with an iPV3Li and a Swow Wolf Mini 75TC. Since I purchased it, I haven’t used anything else. Why? Because it offers the best flavor w/the least amount of hassle. I literally just change out the wick every few days, fill up the tank when it’s empty, and change the battery when it needs recharging. And the taste is completely on another level. If you’re into vaping cause you enjoy making all kinds of coils, or actually have time to sit around and mess with that stuff, this is obviously not the atomizer for you. But if you want easy, smooth, top-notch flavor w/o the hassle of twisting up alien, railroad claptons…. buy this now!

  47. i’ve read nothing but bad reviews on this thing, will stick with my Crown tanks

  48. Replace the stock cotton. It is awful. Run it on temp control. A DNA 200 with tungsten TCR treats it right. It could still use work or a V2 though.

  49. I’m beginning to think there are 2 keys to this device besides the engineering shortcomings that I am willing to deal with. A. Run it on a Tungsten TCR in a DNA 200 device. B. Use your own cotton. The cotton that comes with it is horrible. Oh… And C. Cut your nic value in at least half, the CVU is more efficient at nic delivery per the video.

  50. I think part of the reason that it seems to kill juice quickly is the capacity issue. You also only get a few mm down into the juice before it comes to the top edge of the cotton. A bell over the wick/cvu like a RTA deck would allow you to completely fill the tank and allow for top filling. Hopefully V2 will have this or an upgrade path.

  51. I agree with you. Many reviews here are jumping right in with new stuff and jumping to a conclusion. This IS an early adopter product and could use improvement. That being said, it is interesting to tweak and figure out the sweet spots with wicking and temp control as you mention. It is a very different animal for sure. I’m not disappointed with my purchase in any manner. 🙂

  52. Top filling is a must these days, especially with the smaller tanks. And capacity is definitely an issue but I’ve used 3ml tanks before with juice sucking coils and this Altus uses quite a bit more, IMO. Maybe I’m imagining it, I dunno but they definitely need a v2 tank. And hopefully they give us this option without having to buy another CVU 🙂 I think it also needs some sort of heat sink. I don’t feel I should have to adjust my vaping style to fit the tank; the tank should be able to adjust to my style.

  53. just cut a piece of cotton mate…

  54. The resistance range stated in the video, I believe, is merely a reference to the increase in resistance when the temperature of the CVU rises. It definitely does increase a lot and very quickly, unlike Kanthal. But IMO this thing should not be run in power mode. It doesn’t produce anywhere near as good in power mode as it does in TC mode. It also appears that everyone’s cold resistance is just a little different. Mine reads .42 cold… I’ve seen .36 to .45… all cold. It’s a sub ohm CVU and there’s no way around that.

  55. Rated 4 out of 5

    Tank needs top fill and it’s messy to rewick. However, I use it daily because it produces amazing flavor and decent clouds at 75w. Only other downside is the fact that you pretty much need a DNA200 chip to set the temp control right (tungsten ) and pre heat to compensate for the ramp up time.

  56. how do you fix leaking

  57. Real capacity is 3ml, my biggest beef with tank is it will always sit half empty.

  58. Try .0031 per David Guo on You Tube, but I agree .00450 works very well on the DNA200

  59. not sure how to contact you in private

  60. Hi, i like the altus very much, the juice flavor is very good but i only get it to work properly on vw mode, what are the best values for tcr mode on the joyetech evic vtc mini? chould it be in ti or ni ?

  61. Hey Bruce, send ma an email to a temp email account I just set up. I will reply to your email with my real email account and we can go from there. Send me an email to I’ll reply

  62. Rated 1 out of 5

    Cost (lolololol)
    Awful flavor
    Tank filling issues
    Ease of use (or lackthereof)
    Ramp up
    Battery draining
    Awful flavor (twice is too little to stress how funky it tastes)
    Compared to 40 dollar tanks, this is a yawn of epic failure.
    The box made it seem like you aren’t going to waste your money.

    The envelope that housed the o-rings had cool printing.
    The box made it seem like I didn’t waste money for a minute.

  63. Vapes cold? Call for warranty service, your’s must be broken. Something isn’t right. I don’t own a store. I do own a house. Mine works fine (i use a thick ass wick though, their wick is not pleasant). Do you own a home? J/K see what I did there. Hope you get sorted buddy!

  64. feel the same lol

  65. .0045 worked better for me on tcr for my dna. Maybe just a taste preference but 31 seemed awful.

  66. Call Eric at OriginVapes if need be if you don’t get support via while they are getting their operations setup. He’s a great guy. He’s helped me with my questions and stands by the product and uses it everyday. If I needed a tank in an emergency, he said he’ll get me one shipped out from the company (ONLY if I need one…not just because I’m paranoid about breaking one)

  67. Just use 2-3mm thicker 25x25mm of better quality cotton. (VapN Bacon, Fiber Freaks, or Japanese Organic Pads) Mine never leak. The included cotton is not the best, and it’s too thin.

    It’s not a show stopper.

    I run 2 ALTUS tanks and they don’t leak for me.

  68. Rated 4 out of 5

    Was on the fence about buying when they came out. Got it on the final sale at $59 + used coupon code for the 4th sale. Very happy with it. Takes some time to get used to wicking it. I have it on a DNA 200. Running TCR for tungsten at 480 and just keep it on 200. Very little ramp up. Just push the button as you are picking the mod up. By time you get to your mouth you are g2g. I broke the glass on it the 2nd day out but had a cheap china clone tank that the glass actually fit. But Guo customer support emailed me and they have replacements for $5 + shipping. Have 2 on order. Not a big cloud tank but flavor is on par. Other con is bottom fill but the next version is top fill. Overall happy with the purchase and worth the $50. Have wasted $50 on less of a product in my vaping career. Definitely not worth 119…

  69. More coming soon, I think early Feb

  70. Rated 5 out of 5

    Technology, “Out of the BOX” engineering! Sounds great with minimal cost (cotton, or rings etc.) how long under recommended use does the “coiless” chip last? And if it fails how much for a replacement. Hopefully more information will be released soon. Sounds really nice for the “hobbyists advanced vapor”. Following for information. Thanks Origin.

  71. Rated 5 out of 5

    Everybody, just cool it for now, I believe this device will be fine once more details are out for this device. I have watched a couple video’s that do show that one person is not putting in the cotton and o-ring correctly that is mentioned in the designer’s video. While we are all fussing about why is a person reviewing and not asking a question is like a bunch of kids getting all wound up over nothing. If it were I, I would be maybe saving up for this thing while more info comes out. From what I have seen the cotton is just cotton and I think we all know how to cut cotton into squares, if not go back to the 1st grade. I’ll admit, this thing is pricey, but all in all, I think that this young man has put a lot of thought into this unit since his Uncle is the main reason for him trying to improve the safety for not just his Uncle but for all vapors. I don’t vape to quit smoking cigarettes, I vape because my wife had smoked for 40+ years and I finally got her those cancer sticks to improve her life as long as she has left on this planet. I have always thought about those coils heating up and wondering just what are they producing as we inhale the vapor. If this thing is safer than regular coils (I don’t touch, Nickel, Titanium, or Stainless steel coils) because Kanthal is as close as we can get to common metal that we all have come into contact all through our lives, so lets all sit back and wait until people can buy this device and just cross our fingers and hope for the best in all aspects, Please quiet all of the bickering.

  72. This thing doesn’t look very forgiving on it’s cotton requirement. I don’t want to be trying to cut squares of cotton 22.5mm. An there is no indication of cotton thickness. Are there precut cotton packs for sale or are we on our own?

  73. I was going through a 5 pack every 10 days…..It’s also about health, I think that is the mean focus here. Lastly, why did you post your opinion as a review!? Idiot. If you were half decent at math, you’d see the potential savings. All your comment does is prove you’re not very good at math.

  74. Why would you rate this product before even trying it? I hate people that do this. Post a comment or question but don’t fucking rate it when no one even has one yet.

  75. What size is the o-ring and is it a specialized material? Taking it off for each build seems to indicate we’re going to go though a lot of replacements. Where do we get them?

  76. So, it works in Temperature Control Mode. Which mode? Ni, Ti, SS, all of the above?

  77. So what temp control mode would you run this in? NI? TI? Or would you have to buy a new device to utilize this tank in TC that would actually have a function for this kind of heating element?

  78. If I were to pick up the Siegeli 200 TC mod, would I use the Ti mode or Ni mode?

  79. ugadog: 1.87″ by 2.33″ (that’s 474 mm x 591 mm for you since you apparently have trouble with such math),

    Apparently you have a problem with math as well. 1.87″ x 2.33″ is 47.49mm x 59.18mm

  80. 0.5 +/- 0.1

  81. reuleaux dna 200 set at 480f 39 watts,,ohmes for the atty is 37 cold,,cliped the cotton 1/8 inch with the grain or horizontal ,,vapes great good clouds but not as exstream as my sub ohm tanks, 3 days i been tryen to get this thing to vape correctly,,4 hits and let it cool to room temp and go again ,,cools pretty quick if ya dont roast it ,, good luck ,,hope this helps folks who are frustrated as i was getten this thing to vape

  82. TANK = CHINA CVU CHIP = USA (He’s smart not letting them make the CVU in CHINA)

  83. Rated 3 out of 5

    I was excited to get my hands on this device, as it is bleeding edge tech when it comes to vaping. I was however disappointed by the muted flavor the Altus produced, as well as the feeling of moving backward a year or two when it came to assembly. The tank is lacking key features such as air flow control, juice flow control, and a more resilient chip in my opinion. The max recommended power 75W / or / 200W at 480°F is a very cool (cold) vapor. Overall I don’t feel that the performance of the device justifies the price point. That said, I’m interested to see where this technology goes, perhaps V2 or V3 will be more of a home run.

  84. Originvape is a vendor, they don’t supply the warranty. You would need to direct that question at the manufacturer.

  85. I ditched the supplied cotton, it’s gross, doesn’t wick or last long. Try Vaping Bacon or Fiber Freaks. Cut it 25mmX25mm (Personally, I use 4-5mm thick slabs of Vaping Bacon with great success short term, not sure about longterm yet)

  86. If you can do TCR adjustment use .0031 per David Guo on his Youtube Channel Video or Use Ni200 mode as less than ideal, but useable alternative.

  87. Rated 3 out of 5

    So far it works as promised although the design could have been more user friendly. A bit messy and tedious to fill but I’m only on my second fill and first cotton. So I’m hoping through use and trial and error it will function beter. The coil less technology is awesome though.

  88. Rated 3 out of 5

    I’ll start by saying I love where this technology is going… but it’s not quite there yet.

    The tank is bottom fill so you end up with almost half of it empty space when completely filled. It gets extremely hot after a few hits! I wasn’t pushing past 48w in power and 450f in temp mode with about 3 second hits. I’ve used this same configuration with kanthal and nickel and have never gotten an rda or rta this hot before. It’s very messy to refill because of the wick and of course bottom fill. And finally it is written that it “sips juice economically and efficiently”… that is completely false; it drains the tank very quickly in my experience (even with proper tungsten settings on my dna200).

    It’s a very interesting technology and direction for the vaping community and I really want to see this take shape. But at the price point right now, it’s not worth it.

  89. The atomizer’s resistance is fixed around 0.5ohms +/1 .1 ohms depending temperature. That specification will not likely change.

  90. I don’t use the thin supplied cotton. It’s not very good. Has an off taste and doesn’t last long. You don’t have to be exact. I use thick strips of Vaping Bacon and soon with be trying Fiber Freaks (What they may be switching to for future orders after testing it at GUO). I use the old square as a template and cut a approx 25x25mm square. I fold the fat wad in half. I cut the excess that squeezes past the edges flush with bottom of the CVU contacts. I jam the whole thing into the slit carefully with some force because it like 4-5mm thick. I saturate it in eliquid because it’s well thirsty, my friend. I’ve getting great performance short term with this wick, but I can’t elaborate that it will last longer that a couple of days as it’s an ongoing experiment. So far though it wicks and taste great. I’ll try the 2 densities of Fiber Freaks cotton cellulose pads later this week when they arrive.

  91. According to the box I received it is “Engineered and Designed in the USA. Assembled in China”. So no, it is not “Made in the USA” although I have heard the CVU is made in USA.

  92. Rated 3 out of 5

    This thing does preform as stated and does work with temp control. flavor is great. that being said, the design of the tank is absolutely horrible, refilling and wicking are a mess. in fact I found rewicking to be more of a pain than building a new set of coils for a standard rba. so the technology does work, but the design needs a serious overhaul.

  93. “(I don’t touch, Nickel, Titanium, or Stainless steel coils) because Kanthal is as close as we can get to common metal that we all have come into contact all through our lives” ROFLMFAO!!! Thats pure comedy gold!

  94. so you dont own this yet you rate it 5 stars?

  95. I asked David Guo and he said 3.5 ml

  96. Rated 3 out of 5

    Very cool product. It produces great flavour and a decent amount of Vapor. I’m really enjoying this tank, but it does need some improvements in the next revision. The tank tends to leak when it gets low in juice, I’m not sure why, but it never leaks when it’s full. Although it’s easy and quick to fill the tank, it gets pretty messy. Top fill would be a great addition on the next revision. I will definitely buy the next version when it comes out. Keep up the good work Gusto.

  97. Rated 4 out of 5

    This is an early adopter product without question. It may not be for everyone and maybe most should wait until V2. That being said, I am impressed despite a few small drawbacks. I now have the tank on a DNA 200 device with a Tungsten TCR I found on Reddit. I prefer this device on TC over standard VW. Per the videos Mr. Guo has posted, it does in fact make your nic level seem far more concentrated. I’m on a 3 nic e-juice and it hits like a 6-8. The juice flavor thus far is very different in a good way. It seems to lack the metallic flavors and spit-back like I get from most coil-based tanks. It truly is a different kind of vape. I don’t really see it as a cloud-chaser tank, although it can produce decent clouds at certain settings. If you run a high VG juice in it, go ahead an clip the pre-cut cotton down closer to the barrel of the atomizer. Break it in like a coil with new cotton and it will treat you kindly. This unit DOES feel more like analogue with the juice I’m using as far as hits are concerned and Mr. Guo states that is part of his mission. Airflow feels similar to my Crown tanks, not a RDA but not greatly restricted either. This is different than any of the 12-15 other tanks or RDAs I own at this time. I don’t know if it will replace any of my RDAs, but it could replace some of my current tanks. I look forward to what Guo Vape will do with V2 and their developments moving forward. This looks promising in my opinion.

  98. If this is supposed to last forever at proper operating temp why only the 1 year warranty? You would get much more customer loyalty if you made it a 5 year, 10 year, or lifetime warranty.

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We want nothing more than for our customers to feel they receive quality products and high quality service. After the receipt of your order, we offer a 10-day return policy on any DOA (dead on arrival) or unused items, factory sealed in the manufacturer’s original packaging. We never charge restocking fees, all we ask is that you cover all shipping and insurance costs associated with returning unwanted items.

Please inspect and test all products upon receipt, the 10-day return window begins regardless of whether the products were opened or not.

After the 10-day return period ends, we try our best to provide as much assistance as possible with any manufacturer defect problems that may arise. We value your business, and always try to work out the best possible solution to issues on a case-by-case basis. We strive to be as reasonable and fair as possible and hope our customers reciprocate.

Wrong or Missing Order Item Claims

If we make an error when fulfilling your order, please contact customer service within 48 hours of receiving your package to initiate a claim. A brief email to alerting us of an error is the quickest way of initiating claims. We make sure to correct any fulfillment mistakes as quickly as possible, and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

Incorrectly received items must be returned to us. We provide you with a prepaid return label via email to send back the product(s) free of charge. If we do not receive the item(s) within 30 days, we reserve the right to charge the original card used to make your purchase for the full dollar amount of the product(s).

Refunds & Store Credit

We are unable to issue refunds to any form of payment other than the original credit/debit card used to make your purchase.

We issue refunds within 7 business days after receipt and inspection of returned merchandise. You will receive an email notification confirming your refund.

Depending on your card-issuing bank, please allow up to one billing cycle for a refund to appear on your statement.

Where applicable, we issue store credit in the form of a coupon code for the value of the returned product(s) after receipt and inspection of returned merchandise.

Original shipping fees may be deducted from a refund unless the return is the result of our error. International shipping fees are non-refundable.

Please note: we cannot process return or refund requests without proof of purchase.

Non-returnable & Final Sale Items

All clearance, final sale, or “as is” marked items are nonrefundable and ineligible for returns, refunds, or exchanges.

We also cannot accept returns of atomizer tanks, rebuildable atomizers (unless DOA), battery cells, and electronic cigarette liquids.

Our 10-day return policy does not include coverage of accidents and user errors such as over-tightening atomizers, stripping threads, dropping products, water damage, exposure to extreme temperatures, not adhering to manufacturer provided usage instructions, or any misuse of products, electronic or mechanical.

We do not accept returns for normal product wear and tear, for example cosmetic blemishes or natural patina.

Return Merchandise Authorization

To initiate a return or exchange you must obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. To obtain an RMA number, please contact customer service with your order number and the reason for your request.

For assistance contact customer service at:

Return Address

After you receive an RMA number, please return your product(s) to us within 30 days. Include information such as order number, name, address, and reason for returning the product(s).

Pack all merchandise safely to prevent damage during transit. We strongly recommend using a shipping method with tracking & insurance. Origin Vape, LLC. is not responsible for loss or damage during transit.

Please send returns to:
Origin Vape RMA #
4768 Broadway, Suite 116
New York, NY 10034

Please allow up to 7 business days for us to process all returns.

Shipping Information

We offer various United States Postal Service (USPS) & United Parcel Service (UPS) shipping options to all 50 States in the U.S., including Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, & all APO/FPO/Other military addresses.

International Shipping options are available with some exceptions. Please see our international shipping policy for more information.

Order Processing

We process all in-stock orders from Monday-Friday (excluding U.S. holidays).

Please note, if you receive a tracking number during a weekend or major U.S. holiday, your order is prepared for shipment, but it is not handed off to a shipping carrier until the following business day.

We reserve the right to additional processing time if any questions or concerns regarding your order arise. We always do our best to get in touch with you via phone or email only when absolutely necessary. Please make sure you provide us with current contact information during checkout.

Any foreseen order processing delays are visibly announced directly on the affected product’s page. If we are experiencing a larger than normal order volume an announcement is made via a site-wide notice.

Carrier Rates & Estimated Transit Times

USPS First-Class Mail (est. 1-14 business days*): Prices are based on the combined weight of items in cart. Rates begin at $3.00 & increase $0.25 per every additional ounce, for a maximum total of 13 oz. Tracking included.

USPS Priority Mail (est. 1-3 business days*): $6.59 flat rate with USPS small flat rate box or envelope. Tracking included.

Please Note: The USPS does not guarantee estimated transit time of shipments. Sometimes, due to circumstances beyond our control packages may not arrive on the date which appears in the USPS tracking system. Unfortunately, because of unexpected service delays we cannot guarantee delivery/transit times.

UPS Ground (1-6 business days*): Prices are automatically calculated at checkout after entering your delivery zipcode. Rates depend on the weight of your items & your proximity to our location.

We also offer UPS 2nd Day Air* & UPS Next Day Air* shipping options. Rates depend on shipping destination, weight, & package dimentions. Tracking is included with all UPS orders.

Please Note: UPS transit times are guaranteed for all services. For time sensitive orders, we strongly recommend choosing a carrier guaranteed service, such as UPS 2nd Day Air or UPS Next Day Air.

*Estimated transit times do not include the time it takes for us to process your order.

Carrier Restrictions

The USPS & UPS do not deliver packages on Sundays or major U.S. holidays.

The only service that delivers packages on Saturdays is USPS Priority Mail.

UPS Ground is not available to Hawaii & Alaska.

UPS 2nd Day Air & UPS Next Day Air available to Continental U.S., Alaska, & Hawaii addresses only.


Tracking numbers are automatically generated when we print your shipping label during order processing. An email containing the tracking number with the subject “Your Origin Vape order has shipped” is then sent directly to the email address provided by you during checkout.

Please check your email’s “spam” folders if you did not receive a tracking number.

You may also find & view all tracking information directly by logging into “My Account

To track the status of your package visit and enter your tracking number or call:

Domestic General Information – USPS 
1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777)

For all USPS shipping options, please allow up to 48 business hours for tracking information to update or begin to show movement in the USPS automated tracking system.

For UPS tracking, visit or call:

UPS Domestic Customer Service:
1-800-PICK-UPS® (1-800-742-5877)

Free Standard Shipping Promotions

We offer different “Free Standard Shipping” promotions throughout the year. If an order minimum is required to qualify for free shipping, the shopping cart subtotal, after discounts & excluding taxes (NY residents only) must meet the minimum required dollar amount to qualify.

Free Shipping promotions are valid for U.S. orders, including APO/FPO/all military addresses only.

Orders weighing under 13 oz. that qualify for free shipping are shipped via USPS First Class Mail.

Orders weighing 13 oz. & higher that qualify for free shipping are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

Order Changes & Cancellations

Order changes or cancellations are possible. Please contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate any changes. Once an order has shipped, you must return the package to us prior to receiving a refund, shipping fees are not refundable.

Orders with multiple items may be shipped from different warehouse locations and arrive in separate shipments. Your order may arrive in separate packages. Typically, these packages will arrive within a few days of each other. You will not be charged any additional shipping charges under these circumstances. Your original shipping charge will be applied across the multiple packages. In such cases, you may receive an email tracking number for each package shipped to you.