Altus T1 Atomizer by Guo Vape

Altus T1 Atomizer by Guo Vape

Altus T1 Atomizer by Guo Vape


4.50 out of 5
6 Reviews
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Rated 4.50 out of 5 based on 6 customer ratings
(6 customer reviews)

Every ounce of feedback was used in the development of The Altus T1, with the goal of ease of use and longevity of life as top priorities.

**This is for experts and patient vapers only. Even if you are an expert, you will find this tank challenging. It will take a while to get adjusted unless you never vaped from an atomizer with a coil before.

Use it at 50-55 watts in power mode, with a ramp up wait time of at least 4-5 seconds. You can’t chain-vape this atomizer.

Those 5 seconds allow the whole chip to be heated evenly. The tank gets very hot so give it time between vapes to cool off.

It is a heat sink, not a coil, so you cannot use this atomizer with a real-time resistance reading device such as an Evolv/DNA chipped vape mod. Works well with Yihi-chipped vape devices. Some mods may not read resistance accurately. It is normal for the heat sink to gain resistance as you use it, that is, it can start at 0.5 and get to 1.0. That is why a real-time resistance reading won’t work. Resistance needs to be locked in when it is at room temperature.

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The Altus T1 Atomizer by Guo Vape is generation two. Still using the CVU chip, everything else is different.

The Altus T1 is designed for expert vapers, and works best with a temperature control device such as the Yihi SX Mini. Evolv Technology’s DNA boards do not work well with the T1. The T1 requires fine-tuning based on the type of juice you are vaping. The PG/VG ratio in your juice makes a difference.

When re-wicking the T1, make sure you do not leave any space between the cotton and the slots. Fill the area with wick otherwise the tank will leak. 

The Altus T1 is a coil-less solution and the completely redesigned successor to the original Altus. Working closely with the industry’s leading engineers, Guo Vape is currently integrating every single piece of user feedback from the first generation Altus. Featuring cutting-edge mechanics like the Spin Pull and Seal™ top-fill mechanism to prevent juice overflow and flooding.

We have a how-to on the Altus T1 Tank which helps new users get accustomed to the huge differences of this tank versus your regular coil atomizer. The Altus T1 improves upon every usability aspect of the Altus and unlocks the full potential of the truly new-age CVU platform. The CVU is a state-of-the-art ceramic metallic composite heating element. The Altus T1 has a redesigned wicking process, two large adjustable air slots, 4 ml of e-liquid capacity, and the top-fill system mechanics are custom designed for use with the tank, not found anywhere else. The sleek, shorty tank form factor seals the deal.

The Central Vaping Unit (CVU) is a heating element that is in the form of a “chip” and is the most advanced and sophisticated technologies to be released in the vape industry to date. This material was developed to be one of the fastest thermo-conductive materials in the world and capable of handling high levels of applied temperature.

The CVU offers a far lower vaporization temperature than any other tank on the market. This means nicotine can taste a little harsher, and juice profiles taste much more full-bodied.  It is one of the most balanced ways to vape, economizing juice consumption while outperforming other tanks in flavor, even bringing out notes in nuanced juices that were unrecognized when vaped on coil-based tanks.

The Central Vaping Unit offers a conductive tungsten material infused in a ceramic composition with a substantial amount of surface area for peak performance in temperature control and comparative wattage mode settings. The squared surface area is larger than complex coils by and large. The new chip in the Altus T1 Tank requires less ramp up time, and the ramp up is currently undergoing further reductions.

When paired with the new Sigelei 213 mod, ramp up is minimal; the power up setting effectively neutralized the first ramp up time from a cold tank, which is further reduced after consequent vapes. The new Altus T1 design structure was revamped for ease of use when switching out cotton. The method to wick is now tied to the reassembly of the chimney, instead of relying on a lock nut and an o-ring.

Airflow has been changed dramatically to allow for direct access to the CVU itself, greatly enhancing the dual wide cyclops airflow slots with fine-tune adjustment which results in considerable airflow and does not detract from the crystal-clear notes coming off of your favorite e-juice.

Some of the new features of the Altus T1:

  • CVU redesigned for faster reaction time and greater durability
  • 22mm diameter
  • 4ml juice reservoir
  • Solid stainless steel construction
  • Pyrex tank section
  • Dual airflow chambers fully adjustable
  • New-generation CVU made in the USA
    • CVU is revolutionary cutting edge production ceramic metallic with non-oxidizing tungsten wire
  • Triple-plated gold terminals
  • Easy cleaning with one quick dry burn.
  • Spin Pull and Seal™ technology for top-fill
  • Redesigned chimney for more saturation and efficiency

Here’s an exclusive interview by Vaping 390 with the head engineer, David Guo:

Additional Information

Weight 8 oz

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6 reviews

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  1. Anonymous

    5 out of 5 save your money!

    good concept but doesn’t work well yet

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  2. Anonymous


    Why is the score for this tank 3/5 when the only review for the tank is 4/5?

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  3. Anonymous


    where do we get replacement chips?

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    • originvape

      Origin Vape

      Chips are covered by warranty – should you have a problem with your chip please reach out to and we will get in touch with Guo Vape on your behalf!

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  4. Anonymous


    i was wondering why the price for this product is so low?

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    • originvape

      Origin Vape

      It is just a placeholder =) The product is not available in our shop right now.

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  5. Anonymous

    5 out of 5 Works well with custom TCR value

    I’ve had the Altus T1 about four days, and I was at first disappointed with it’s performance, however once I upgraded my RX200 to allow for custom TCR settings and I set it to 0450 which is the the proper setting for the cvt heating element (Tungsten) I am impressed. There is indeed a couple of seconds ramp up time. Using the 450 tcr, with a setting of 210C and 40 watts ramp up takes about two seconds, but once the element is heated it vapes like any other sub ohm tank out there. Juice consumption is definitely less than other sub ohm tanks out there, but at the same time, juice flow is not restricted. I’ve chain vaped multiple times and have not had any dry hits. There are a lot of components to assembly, however they are all distinct so it’s very easy to figure out what goes where. Changing the wick can be a bit messy but the total time to . do it is about two minutes. Cons and room for improvement The real disappointment to me is the lack if a top fill cap. Having to remove the wick to fill the tank is not ideal, and it also means tank capacity is limited. After filling the tank to capacity, there is so much more room for juice if there was a way to fill it from the top! I would hope that some time down the road a top fill cap will become available. Having to cut precise cotton squares is a pain, but standard Shiseido cotton pads with the top and bottom layer removed work fine. They are a a tad bit thicker than what comes with the tank, but in my opinion work a little better. My tank would leak a bit if it laid on it’s side for a bit, but since I switched to a thicker cotton square that has not happened.

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    • Anonymous

      You can fill it from the top…

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  6. mr.david.oates

    4 out of 5 Not perfect but close to it!

    (verified owner)

    Upgraded my RX200 as suggested in the previous comment & use the TCR setting for tungsten. This is a great tank to use on the go & @ work. You are not going to win any cloud comps with this but hands down get a great quality vape. The flavor is clean and easy to swap out cotton. Definitely the best ceramic tank out there. I purchased a few already & wish I had purchased this one 1st.

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  7. Anonymous


    Can.this be used.with class. Using the sx pure mode?

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  8. Anonymous


    Is the plate surpose to fall out mine did when i first try to use it

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    • originvape

      Origin Vape

      If you mean the top cap, it is an assembly – it is removable to clean but you can put it back together.

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  9. Broxyn

    4 out of 5 So easy!

    (verified owner)

    The Altus T1 is so easy to use! My only complaint is the ramp up time which is taking some time to get used to. But I’ll never have to mess with coils on this one which is a huge bonus. Plus the flavor is excellent!

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  10. One person found this helpful

    5 out of 5 Finally a worthwhile investment in vaping

    5 out of 5
    After 8 years of incremental improvements in vaping, finally a game changer that eliminates the metal coil altogether and improves flavor dramatically!

    I’m running the Altus in temperature control mode on a DNA200 capped at 150w/480f, impedance locked, and the ramp-up boost defeated. I’m using the TCR for Tungsten/.0031. I went with a much thicker 4-5mm wick made from “Cotton Bacon” in lieu of the paper thin 25mmx25mm square cotton they provide that left a lot to be desired. Re-wicking an Altus atomizer is straight forward and takes little effort or time. Vaping a MilkMan clone eliquid ~85vg/15pg – I know this juice very well, I vape it constantly. First impressions: Excellent air flow, big lung inhales. Outstanding flavor, very smooth. It reminds me, vaguely, of the Vaporesso ceramic Ccell atty, only much cleaner and even more flavorful. Vapor production is above average for me, thick, warm, rich, but I’m not a cloud chaser so ymmv. I’ve been experimenting with the cotton to extend the time I can go before vapor production drops off. Setting your temp control, if you’re using it that way as described above, is great way to keep the cotton cleaner for much longer. Prior to this, my cotton was fairly black within a day which reduces vapor production due improper wicking. Vape quality and performance is consistent for me all evening and the following day and this continues un abated as I typed this. Constantly refilling the bottom fill tank that can only be filled halfway (approx 3ml) is a mild annoyance, a top fill kit or a bigger tank design is needed, but this is so enjoyable that I’m willing to overlook it in a first gen device from a new comer to the vape industry. I was told original Altus owners will have access to a reduced priced upgrade path to a top-fill design when it comes out. I’m willing to wait and keep enjoying this new device and the great flavor in the interim. Another day, and still loving this thing. Ordered a 2nd Altus Tank. Also ordered some Fiber Freaks cotton cellulose wicking material pads to try out in 2 densities and compare to the 4-5mm super thick Vaping Bacon 25X25mm prepared wick I’ve been having outstanding results with for past few days, I highly recommend experimenting with alternate cotton thickness and suppliers. I do know GUO is considering switching to Fiber Freaks as their new supplier for new orders moving forward and I hear nothing, but great things about their Fiber Freak products so I’m excited to try their wicking material out when it arrives this week. The team at GUO are very responsive and implementing improvements to the ALTUS immediately rather taking a wait and see attitude. I was worried about not having a replacement tank, but Eric assured me that if I needed a replacement tank that one would be shipped to me directly from the manufacturer, no questions asked. I feel like i pitched my horse to the right company’s wagon, so I ordered a 3rd ALTUS TANK! (One can never be too careful about losing or breaking these things! lol) I no longer see any need to vape on any coil based attys any longer, they simply don’t offer the flavor or performance that I get from the Altus Tank. Give it a try! I was on the fence. Eric’s guidance and liberal return policy made it a no brainer for me to pull the trigger and give the thing a try! I’m glad I pulled the trigger, sure I’m broke now, lol, but so what. Enjoy Life!

    (1) (0)

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  11. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful

    4 out of 5 Definitely a substantial improvement

    The T1 is what the origional should have been. It is substantially easier to wick and thus doesn’t leak as easily. It is fairly good. By no means have I been able to get the flavor out of it that I get out of my crown 2. Then again, there is a definite learning curve with the GUO products.,I believe that David thinks that the tanks are as good as he states in the reviews because he designed them and knows exactly how to use it to get the very best flavor and vapor out of it. He designed it so of course he will be able to wick it quicker then anyone.

    After a few days of usage and tinkering, I am actually very surprised that I do not have a huge list of things wrong with the T1. When I very first used it I didn’t think it was any better than the original. After wicking it a few times and playing around with the setting on my mods I do get decent flavor, vapor production and as long as I pay attention when rewicking, it doesn’t leak. Is it worth $100? I guess that depends on how much money you spend on coils and if you have a mod that you can adjust enough to to get it to a level of quality that is acceptable for you.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that it’s not a normal tank that you just throw on and start using and it works flawlessly. If you want this tank to produce good flavor and vapor then you have to be patient and tinker. You have to try different brands of cotton etc. you don’t need to take a dremel tool to it like the original though. I honestly do not think that I will ever be able to get the flavor that I do out of my crown or trick tank, or even my Arctic. But it’s nice to have a tank that I do not need to buy coils for. Let’s hope the CVU doesn’t break like my last one did.

    (2) (0)

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    • One person found this helpful

      I was one of the few people on the T1 beta team. I have no stock or other financial ties with Guo Vape, guess I’m trying to say that I have not reason to lie. LOL
      Anyway, you are on the right path. When you get the wicking down you will exceed crown flavor. I use a simple Tungsten csv export from the Steam website on a dna200. Preheat at 135w @ 1 second and temp range from 420F – 480F. The wicking that I have stuck with is using UD brand Muji cotton. I peel 1 factory side and apply the other factory side of the pad inward against the ceramic CVU chip. I trim the cotton almost flush to the inner stainless tank part of the Altus A1. Try to keep the cotton as flat against the CVU chip as you can during wicking.
      After rewicking like this, it takes around 1 tank before the cotton is “beddded in” and performing like a wild child. Hope that helps a bit 🙂

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    • Anonymous

      My first CVU tank, was hesitant after watching some reviews of the T1, but I decided just about every tank released is basically the same damm thing anymore, so I decided to buy it. While waiting for deliver which only took 3 days thanks!, I happend upon a 9 page brochure written by the owners at Uwell. They tore the technology apart. Some of the claims they made where scarier than DEFCON 1 with Russia. Uwell stated they would never get into the CVU market. But at the end of this 9 page company produced brochure with no Author or Dr.’s name or any references or bibliography, it asks you two questions. First, after reading this information are you going to continue to use a CVU device? and second, did this brochure change your mind about the safety of the CVU device? Now, I started to realize what was going on. They where trashing the tech but at the same time taking a poll of people to see if maybe they should get into the CVU market. That and lack of references I determined that this brochure was pure propaganda by Uwell to stem the loss of customers. I received my tank, flawlessly clean but cleaned it again anyway, took me about 30 secs to wick it and another 30 secs to fill 4ml tank. First hit, BAMM! Flavor, Flavor,Flavor! I also used the recommended TCR from Guo at 0.0031 or0.0035 as he explains in his video the reason why the other numbers circulating around are incorrect because his technology doesnt operate the same way. Its not just tungsten that makes up the CVU. No leaking still getting used to the ramp up and the clouds are fine when shes running hot. Great buy!!

      (0) (0)

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    • Anonymous

      Do you know if it will work on a x200?

      (0) (0)

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    • One person found this helpful

      Origin Vape

      Yes it will, but in regular wattage mode. Temperature control may work but Wismec products are not designed for CVU use – as the “coil” is more of a heatsink than a coil and Wismec chipsets may not read the resistance in a stable fashion

      (1) (0)

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