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  • Altus T1
    Altus T1

    Altus T1 Atomizer by Guo Vape

    Every ounce of feedback was used in the development of The Altus T1, with the goal of ease of use and longevity of life as top priorities. **This is for experts and patient vapers only. Even if you are an expert, you will find this tank challenging. It will take a while to get adjusted unless you never vaped from an atomizer with a coil before. Use it at 50-55 watts in power mode, with a ramp up wait time of at least 4-5 seconds. You can't chain-vape this atomizer. Those 5 seconds allow the whole chip to be heated evenly. The tank gets very hot so give it time between vapes to cool off. It is a heat sink, not a coil, so you cannot use this atomizer with a real-time resistance reading device such as an Evolv/DNA chipped vape mod. Works well with Yihi-chipped vape devices. Some mods may not read resistance accurately. It is normal for the heat sink to gain resistance as you use it, that is, it can start at 0.5 and get to 1.0. That is why a real-time resistance reading won't work. Resistance needs to be locked in when it is at room temperature.
    Rated 4.50 out of 5