Beginner/All-In-One Vape Pens

AIO Vape Pens are designed to ease you into vaping. With a cheaper price tag, these devices are semi-disposable. Replacement coils are relatively cheaper than high-performance vape mods.

AIO Vape Pens can make even the most seasoned vaper jealous for their minimalist magic.

The newest all in one vape pens can be found here, from companies like Eleaf, Joyetech, Kanger, Sigelei, Aspire, Wismec, Bo, PHIX, Limitless, Smoking Vapor and many, many more! Some vape pens require pre-filled pods while others offer you the ability of adding your own juice. Choose one that is best suited for your vaping habits. Adding your own juice to AIO Vape Pens can be tricky. Make sure it is a high-nicotine juice like Mr. Salt-E or other nicotine salts. The low power means you need to go up in nicotine strength. To quit smoking, you need to commit to quitting. Vape pens will get you half of the way, the rest is mental!

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