Mouth to Lung

Mouth to Lung is a style of vaping. It usually means a higher nicotine strength, a little more restricted draw, and not a super sub-ohm setup. MTL Mouth To Lung is is vastly different from direct inhales and requires special equipment. One of the best things about mouth to Lung vaping is that it is quite efficient on juice, and does not burn through e-liquid at the kind of rates seen at the sub-ohm level. A single coil atomizer would be economical and practical. Some higher PG e-juices have enough throat hit to satisfy any vaper, and offset any perceived need for clouds. MTL vapers don't even need to open their windows if they drive and vape. There's not that much vapor! But that's the point. Stealth vaping and ultra-stealth vaping requires less VG to produce less vapor. Ultra portable devices are best used with a higher PG blend of e-liquid.

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