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New checkout policies due to credit card fraud

New checkout policies due to credit card fraud
October 7, 2014 originvape

Dear Valued Customers,

Due to a recent upsurge in online credit card fraud sweeping vaping vendors, we have temporarily blocked all transactions on orders where billing and shipping addresses do not match. Unfortunately, this means customers who have recently moved or are residing away from their billing address will not be able to ship their purchases to a different address unless we speak to you directly and take your order over the phone. We are incredibly sorry about any inconvenience this may cause. These new precautions will certainly be an inconvenience to many customers who shop with us and may prevent some orders from being accepted, for this we truly apologize. We are in the process of implementing other ways of combating online credit card fraud without affecting and inconveniencing our customers, however at this time we are also taking extra precautions to ensure we are protecting consumers at all costs.

Other measures we have currently put into place that are also effective immediately are:

  1. All orders over $100.00 will now require a signature confirmation upon delivery. Please contact us prior to placing your order if you need to request an alternative solution. We will need to review your order over telephone to accommodate all requests.
  2. Any orders determined to use a freight/mail forwarding service, drop shipment forwarding address, public rented mailbox, or shipping forwarder will automatically be cancelled and refunded back to the card used to make the purchase.
    • We are aware that some customers may be using these services to make purchases from overseas.
      • Please note: We ship to many countries outside of the United States, therefore a mail forwarding service is not necessary when shopping with us. If your country is found on the drop-down list at checkout, we will ship to you as long as your billing and shipping addresses match. We reserve the right to cancel and fully refund any international orders at our discretion without notice.
  3. All orders requiring shipment to P.O. boxes are flagged and placed on hold for review. We reserve the right to cancel and fully refund any P.O. box orders at our discretion without notice.
  4. Our men and women in uniform, those stationed in other countries, or temporarily residing on military bases, please get in touch with us anytime if you have any trouble placing an order or require shipment to any location other than your billing address. We truly regret and sincerely apologize that our temporary block of non-matching billing and shipping addresses may affect you directly. Please reach out to us anytime, either via telephone or email, and we will do everything in our power to ensure your orders are processed manually by us. We are working on instituting measures to ensure this temporary block does not affect any members of the military who serve our country.

Please be advised, certain orders may require a photograph or scan of a current photo ID in order to verify your identity prior to being processed. We will only request this if absolutely necessary and promise to solely use the provided ID only for verification purposes. We also promise to get in touch with you directly if we feel this is a necessary step in completing and processing your order. Please do not be alarmed by this notice as we do not foresee a frequent occurrence of requesting an ID, however we must note this procedure in the event we will need to utilize this step for authentication purposes.

We have implemented a multitude of other security measures in addition to the ones outlined above. We are very serious about combating credit card fraud and have always tried our best to ensure that any fraudulent transactions were flagged, reported, and refunded immediately to the credit card holders. Unfortunately, with this recent increase in fraud we have personally experienced we have decided that it was necessary to implement more stringent checkout policies in order for our customers to have a safer shopping experience.

Thank you very much for your anticipated understanding and attention regarding these changes.

For anyone who has trouble during checkout, please feel free to contact us anytime, day or night, at support@originvape .com and/or call us at 1.212.882.1672.

Sincerest Regards,
Origin Vape Team


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