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Electronic Mods vs Mechanical Mods

Which is Better?

Electronic vs Mech Mods
August 19, 2015 Lyd

Electronic vs Mech Mods – There are lots of pros and cons to both mechanical and electronic mods, and just as much variance in heated opinion on their worthiness as devices.

We’re not saying there will be dueling pistols at high noon, but traditional users will definitely have preferences based on use of both, and naturally, personal fondness.

From a newbie point of view, it’s always best to have a brief look at the differences between Electronic vs Mech Mods and some of the reasons why one may be preferred over the other.

For a vaper with more experience or with a long standing interest in the mechanical nature of vaping devices, this won’t add a great deal to an existing knowledge base, perhaps only to reiterate what line of thought is out there.

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Mechanical Mods Need To Be Used With Extreme Care

Rightly or wrongly, safety is really in the eye of the beholder. Frankly, issues around the safety of mechanical mods are valid, but it appears they can be mitigated with a little self-education and knowledge of the components of mechanical devices as compared to their more ‘user – friendly’ electronic counterparts.

If we look at the breakdown, in a most basic way, of the two currently on offer the mechanical mod is made from a tube with connectors, a battery, and your favorite e-juice.

Basic knowledge of electricity and lithium-ion batteries will go a long way to bringing a level of comfort with the use of mechanical mods. This basic structure is without any internal circuitry that may act as a safety-net if things go wrong.

Electronic Mods Are Safer and Therefore Better

It is believed that electronic devices do not have the same safety issues as the mechanical due to the circuitry that prevents any issues if the worst happens.

Known for a little more stability in their composition, the electronic mod is comprised of wiring and a processor that allows the shutdown of connections. This alone can be a deal breaker for many introduced into the world of vaping. If avoiding frying of batteries sounds like a good thing, electronic could be the way to go.

There are plenty of horror stories out there and plenty more people willing to share them on the instability of the mechanical mod. By way of comparison in Electronic vs Mech Mods, car accidents happen every day too, but this fact doesn’t stop people from driving.

Electronic vs Mech Mods: Mechanical Mods Are For the Veteran Vaper Only

Newbies stay away? This is, of course, all up for debate and opinion, which is great because it gets people involved and talking about the things we all face, or have done.

Safety is, of course, a major factor and should be taken seriously, but shouldn’t be there to scare people away from experimenting.

As far as which device is better, it really is a combination of personal choice, and what your intentions are.

Many are more than happy to remain with the electronic mods, and will never waver. However, if you have an interest in knowing how to wrap your own coils, vaping can become quite the hobby and the mechanical mods can offer more if you’re so inclined.

If you are of the persuasion of only using a device for your own enjoyment without getting too involved in what could go wrong, or the intricacies of mechanical types, then you may be directed to the other side of town and gravitate towards the electronic type.

Both devices are excellent for the newbies and the expert alike.

A Cautionary Tale – AKA You Have Been Warned

The importance of knowing what you are doing cannot be stressed enough. Make no mistake mechanical mods can and have been very volatile.

Inherent in every mechanical mod is an element of danger – the battery. They can over discharge due to misuse. They can fail due to the user failing to recognize that the end caps are too tight.

Get the picture? This is user abuse and error, quite simply. The results of which can mean some serious relocating of the thing you need the most, your face.

Let’s look at some basics you need to know with Electronic vs Mech Mods, but we strongly urge you to do your own research and understand the basics of electricity, amperage, and OHM’s Law long before your journey begins with these types of mods. Consult with someone who knows better, and can direct you correctly, if unsure.

A battery is limited in its capacity to provide current. The core principal is OHM’s Law.

Ohm’s law says basically that the current in AMPS is equal to Voltage, divided by the resistance in Ohms.

In regular terms, consider that the doubling or tripling of the battery voltage in a device will lead to the doubling or tripling of the current.

So how is that controlled in electricity? That’s where resistors come in. A resistor is something which inhibits the current.

Battery safety is of the Utmost Importance When Using a Mechanical

The clearest example we can think of is when kitchen appliance has a high and low switch, it is the resistor that allows you to switch between the two differing power levels.

Now let’s briefly look at a battery’s Continuous Discharge Rating. This is the battery manufacturer’s determination on the amp limit to which a battery can be safely used before it fails.

Contrasting this rating, is a term called the Pulse or Discharge battery rating. This Pulse discharge is the use of the battery beyond its recommended continuous discharge rating.

In other words, if you exercise this activity, you are pushing a battery beyond its recommended and safe use. Kind of like over-filling a balloon with air. You know what’s going to happen, right?

Now add this scenario to a mechanical mod and you see where electricity can get you into a whole world of pain. Electronic vs Mech Mods; if this is beginning to smell like a warning to you, then you’d be correct because that’s exactly what it is.

The best asset you have in this world is you. We want everyone to enjoy their experience, but there are definitely some things you need to know and understand before attempting to use mechanical mods.

Everything you read here is meant for the entertainment of vapers and we take no responsibility for what may result.

Consider this message fair warning, and a serious one. Starting somewhere is the most important thing, then move on to the mechanical brands if you feel you want to.

Let this be your mission, should you chose to accept it. There is a huge difference in Electronic vs Mech Mods – mechanical mods are from a bygone era, the wild west of vaping, if you will.

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