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Kayfun Prime RTA by Svoe Mesto



The Kayfun Prime by Svoe Mesto is a premium rebuildable that offers mouth to lung vapers a 1-2mm step adjustable airflow.

Svoe Mesto's Kayfun Prime is the newest full-feature RTA from the makers of the Kayfun line of heavy-duty atomizers. Kayfun Prime was designed with a singular goal - to make the MTL vaper happy. You get crystal clear notes from your favorite juice, and a very restrictive airflow to really taste the flavor.

The Kayfun Prime brings you years of seasoned vape engineering for a flavor experience that is out of this world.

Need replacement parts for your Svoe Mesto Kayfun Prime? Look no further! If you need to order a part for your atomizer that we don't have in stock, feel free to email us anytime.

Svoe Mesto knows what they are doing when it comes to flavor. They are also pretty damn good at durability. You know this latest MTL atomizer is going to take the crown, once and for all. This is a purely MTL atomizer - there are no direct hit options here. By doing so, SM has geared the Prime for a certain crowd. They were not constrained with making it universal, thereby increasing the flavor exponentially.

The best part about this atomizer is all of the parts are replaceable, and we will special order any part for it so long as you purchased your Kayfun Prime from us, for the life of the atomizer.

When you limit the airflow in a chamber, you increase juice flavor. That's a given. The Kayfun Prime inherits the Kayfun 5's easy-to-use airflow and liquid control. You also have a noticeably smaller evaporation chamber, improved coil contact airflow and a lower profile.  A new fill port along with cap prevent leakage, spillage and overfill from leaking out of the tank.

If you are a K3 mini or a K5 user, and you prefer a restrictive airflow, the Kayfun Prime is right up your alley. You don't need an MTL adapter here. You can focus solely on making a perfect coil, and filling it with juice. The Kayfun series is well-known for durability, needing the very minimum from you in order to keep working as it should.

New build deck and atomization chamber

A new, easy to build deck designed specifically for smaller builds that are synonymous with MTL use. Additionally, you have improvements along the air channels and air distribution system - perfectly balanced over the whole coil. This prevents spikes in temp when utilizing the tank in TC or power mode.

Furthermore, the chimney/evaporation chamber has been made smaller as well as the deck to bring out the most nuances in your e-juice of choice, even at the lowest operating wattages. The Kayfun Prime was designed for several categories of vapers. If you:

  • You want to be juice-efficient
  • You are looking for flavor
  • You need a restricted draw and prefer less airy vapes
  • You have a mod that looks better with a shorter atomizer

Then, the Kayfun Prime is perfect for you. An ideal build for this atomizer would be around 1.0 ohms. You can't get this restricted of a draw with any other Kayfuns, the Prime will be your companion when the K5 on the lowest setting is too airy.

The added incentive to buy with us is that if you ever drop your atomizer, or lose any part, we will obtain it for you at cost for being our valued customer. Each and every part is available for authorized dealers for any Svoe Mesto atomizers.

The Kayfun Prime is now offered in several special finishes for the discerning vaper. The Special Edition and the Nite DLC can be found in our catalog.

Svoe Mesto Kayfun Prime Features Include:

  • Built by Svoe Mesto to exacting specifications in Germany
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Expandable tank section with accessories
  • Juice reservoir: 2ml
  • Newly redesigned fill port and top cap
  • 1-2 mm of airflow, step adjustable
  • Solid stainless construction
    • WNr. 1.4404 (X2CrNiMo17-12-1)
    • AISI 316L (V4A)
  • Borosilicate glass tank section along with SS tank section
  • PEEK insulations, POM-C drip tip
  • NBR 70 o-rings
  • An engraving on the SS tank section shows one of five different major Russian cities
Each Order Includes:
  • Kayfun Prime with engraved SS tank section
  • Glass tank section
  • Spare parts kit

Rebuildable atomizer coils and wicks have known risks.

Rebuildables are for experts, not average or beginner vapers with no ohm meter or knowledge of how to use an ohm meter, or when an ohm meter must be used, or how electronic devices work. These materials cannot safely be used by the inexperienced or those without working knowledge of electronics.

This is due to the fact that:

  1. A rebuildable coil/wick MUST be tested carefully with an ohm meter before it is used.
  2. If it is not tested it is entirely the risk of the user.
  3. Wicks/coils WILL short circuit electronic devices if not installed properly and can cause batteries to vent and possibly explode. Be sure you are using the correct batteries with a mod and a rebuildable atomizer, such as a high amp continuous cell.
  4. New coils should ideally be tested and then used first without wicks to ensure that they fire up and do not cause a short. This also helps burn off Kanthal machine oil used during manufacture that helps with flavor. This is called "dry burning" and is an important element in building an atomizer.
  5. No new coil/wick assembly should be used on an electronic device until known to be safe.
  6. These items destroy electronic devices if not installed properly.
  7. Please keep in mind all user battery safety when rebuilding. Use of rebuildable atomizers is at your own risk.

The Kayfun Prime offers the richest, smoothest, most intense flavor profiles available in the industry. You won't believe your taste buds!

Kayfun Prime RTA by Svoe Mesto

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