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StattQualm SQuape N[duro] RTA


Now available in black DLC (diamond like coating)! 

The new StattQualm SQuape N[duro] is a milestone in achievement for one of the most important companies in the vape space. You know, you can make a really great atomizer if you have years of experience.

Need replacement parts for your StattQualm SQuape? Look no further! If you need to order a part for your atomizer that we don't have in stock, feel free to email us anytime.

Looking for the Maxi kit to add 10mL of juice to your N[duro]? 

Or the Nano kit to achieve a low-profile look?

We also have the grip band in order to make juice filling much easier!

You can make it even more amazing with adding that expertise with another year of direct research, development, and prototyping. Generational leaps are huge. You can just imagine how good this atomizer is.

How do you make something that works very well, work even better?

How do you make flavor taste better? How do you make it last even longer between service intervals? These are the kind of questions StattQualm has asked itself over the last year.

The results are remarkable. You can watch the video below to get a glimpse at the newest atomizer to come out from Switzerland. This 24mm robust RTA is available in either MTL or DL format, with the signature ematalized metal construction that stops voltage drop in its tracks.

With the SQuape N[Duro], StattQualm took everything that was good with the E[motion], and added more refinement. Further streamlining capability and user-friendliness. You have plenty of coil configuration to choose from, with all previous E[motion] decks good for your new N[duro].

Have you been to Switzerland? It's pretty amazing. They make every product to a high quality standard. They are careful, methodical craftsmen. Have been for quite a few years now. They have snaking roads that go very high up into the alps.

They also make Gruyere cheese. And they drink all their own wine. You won't find any Swiss wine in the USA. Trust us, we've looked. Arguably, the best snow sports in the world will be found in Switzerland. All this is telling you that this atomizer is produced in a country that values products that are elegant, but rugged. Function over form, but in a perfect balance between the two.

The newest generation atomizer from StattQualm was put through its paces at the top of Europe, where cold air is abundant. It has an especially good tolerance for cold. With the N[duro], durability is not in question.

StattQualm SQuape N[duro] Features Include:

  • Single coil deck
  • Ematalized, non-conductive components for protection against shorts
  • Top-filling atomizer
  • Gold-plated adjustable 510 connector for a perfect fit
  • Juice flow control closes full and seals the tank
  • Step-less airflow control
  • Temperature control ready, variable wattage as well
  • Leak-proof tank (once built correctly)
  • Access the deck with a full tank of juice!
  • Sophisticated, and decidedly high-end
  • Ecobrass gold-plated center pin, it's in the details
  • Borosilicate glass tank section with options soon available

The StattQualm SQuape N[duro] is a remarkable achievement by any measure. A 24mm RTA that preserves flavor, is juice efficient, has a very long lifespan, and allows for both MTL and DL users to enjoy it with just a switch of the deck.

Backwards compatible with many parts, with repairs and warranty service through us for a very long time.

See what PBusardo says about the StattQualm SQuape N[Duro]:

StattQualm SQuape N[duro] RTA

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