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Taifun Box Mod

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The Taifun Box is a 80 watt beast with beautiful interchangeable SS accents and a durable finish that is made in Germany and will handle practically anything you throw at it. A wholly robust system developed in Germany for high-end vaping. Everything has been thought through - even a menu assistant greets newcomers so that it's easy to move around the settings. Expect a mod that will give you everything you are looking for, so long as your vape does not exceed 80 watts.

The Taifun Box is not in stock, it has not been released yet and there is no set ship-out date yet. We will be in the first batch of production.

Please note that by ordering this mod with us, you accept the fact that delays will take place. They are inevitable with a mod of this caliber. We promise you that you will get your device. We have a reputation to uphold. Thus far, delays have happened several times. We do not have a guaranteed ship out date yet. Further, the mod has not has a worldwide release date yet, only a select few units are circulating the globe. 

By purchasing from us, you are securing your place on our first shipment. 

The Taifun Box Mod is a 80 watt device made in Germany to exacting standards. Interchangeable paneling. A 25mm diameter 510 connection. Designed to last forever. Safety protections galore. Enough adjustable settings for any vaper to find their sweet spot. Instant power on after hibernation. Need we say more? This needs to be your daily driver.

The box to end all boxes is here. Taifun Box - 80 watts of beautiful power.

You know this bad boy is made from the finest materials. SS accents. Impeccable internals. This is a limited stock item, and it is not in stock, there is a delay in receiving them, we don't know how long that may be at this point. We can promise you the first batch.

Taifun Box Mod 80W Features Include:

  • 5-80 watts of power
  • Interchangeable button and side paneling
  • Up to 22 Amps of output
  • Resistance range at 80 watts: 0.17 - 1.5 Ohm
  • Absolute minima and maxima of resistance: 0.1 - 3.0 ohms
  • Instant power on - out of hibernation
  • Menu assistant for easy operation
  • Multiple adjustable settings
    • Power VW
    • Power boost
    • TC mode for all common metal TC coil
    • Pulse
    • Bypass
  • Powered by a lithium ion 18650 cell
  • Spring-loaded rechargeable battery positive pole with 4 contacts for optimum power consumption
  • Battery charging contact at the bottom suitable for Dicodes Charger
  • Pulse and bypass mode with no electronic control
  • Safety protections include battery overload
    • Reverse polarity protection
    • Internal battery resistance sensor
  • Perfectly complementary for 25mm diameter tank atomizers
  • Temperature control functionality
  • 0.91" OLED screen
  • Three adjustment buttons
  • 2.5 volts discharge voltage
  • No power consumption after power shutdown
  • Silver accents
  • Each and every part is robust
  • Spring loaded center pole made of copper beryllium
  • Built and engineered in Germany
  • More coming soon!

Taifun Box Mod

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