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Dovpo Odin DNA250C Mod


Dovpo's Odin Mod is powered by the ultimate chipset; Evolv Technologies' DNA250C board. 

Proprietary manufacturing processes in Dovpo yield brilliant quality with internals that are far better than the competition. 

Evolv cemented their reputation over years, making quality circuit boards for the highest end mods in the industry. There's something to be said about their incredibly precise, quality-controlled motherboards, and the years of service you get out of mods powered with them. Each one is made in in the United States. Ohio, to be exact.

With a smorgasbord of options, you can truly fine-tune to your heart's content with a full suite of temperature control, Replay functionality and of course eScribe software to really get deep into controls. We have the latest generation Odin for you - streamlined to perfection.

The Dovpo Odin was made as a collab effort with Vaperz Cloudz. Expect a perfect finish!

Your 510 connection is incredibly solid and reinforced for years of use. A 1-year warranty backed by Evolv's amazing customer service is included with each mod. A full-color OLED screen registers all your vaping data at a glance. User-friendliness has been improved significantly in order to offer even the greenest of novices ease of use when handling the mod. 

Four buttons are found on the face plate of the Odin, by the screen. The tactile firing button and two wattage/temperature adjustment keys along with a "home" key to get you back to the dashboard. The mod is finished in all alloy for a superbly rugged housing. 

Dovpo Odin DNA250C Features Include:

  • Evolv Technologies DNA250C board backed by one-year warranty (warranty center based in USA)
    • Award-winning after-sale service
  • Solid, hefty feel with die cast alloy housing
  • Firmware updates available via eScribe, on Evolv's website
  • Tactile and responsive firing button
  • Lightning-quick response time
  • Designed to accommodate up to 30mm diameter tanks
  • Full-color OLED screen
  • Replay functionality to preserve flavor/temperature
  • Temperature control functionality
  • Wattage adjustable from 1 - 167 watts of power
  • Temperature adjustable from 200 - 600 Fahrenheit
  • Reinforced 510 connection for years of life
  • Requires two 18650 cells to operate (sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 90 x 512 x 42.8mm

Each Order Includes:

  • Dovpo Odin DNA250C Mod
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Instruction manual/assorted documents

Dovpo Odin DNA250C Mod

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