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Freed CBD Roll-On Gel


Freed is a company with a singular mission - to made raw, natural CBD products as pure and simple as possible. Based out of California, Freed expends most of their energy ensuring the purity of their product along each step of production. All their products are made in the USA.

Have a muscle ache or workout-related injury? This roll on will ensure you reach your goals.

Grown in Colorado, their broad spectrum THC-free CBD oil is solvent-free and includes the natural terpene taste and smell. This is the way hemp oil should be vaped - without any impurities. Terpenes have positive, synergistic benefits to your body's chemistry. 


The heating roll-on gel warms up your tired muscles with active ingredients such as camila sinensis leaf, jasmine extract, papaya fruit extract, paeonia lactiflora extract, and sea grapes extract.

The cooling gel is mentholated to penetrate and cool your muscle down instantly. Other active, organic, raw earth ingredients include tea tree extract, bletilla striata root extract (anti-inflammatory), eucalyptus leaf extract, and poria cocos extract. 

The CBD component is 150MG and strong enough to tackle any worn-out muscle or joint.

Why would you buy a roll-on gel?

  • If you suffer from nerve pain
  • If you have inflammation in joints or muscle
  • If you have muscle pain or soreness
  • If your muscles have spasms

Simple and easy to use, apply a thin coat to the affected area and massage until fully absorbed by the skin, giving the area a second or third coat as necessary. 

Each order includes a roll-on stick that holds 1.8 fluid ounces.


Freed CBD Roll-On Gel

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