Which Atomizers Don't Use a Lot of E-Liquid? Which Atomizers Don't Use a Lot of E-Liquid? — OV LLC
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Which Atomizers Don't Use a Lot of E-Liquid?

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You may have stumbled onto this post because you are tired of your juice-guzzling tank.

Efficient Atomizers are not hard to find! Maybe you want a vaping experience that doesn't require 60ML of e-liquid every day. There are plenty of options out there for atomizers. And to be honest, juice companies want nothing more than for your atomizer to be a pig. They get to sell more juice in that case. But lucky for you, juice-sipping atomizers are making a comeback.

How did we get here? Why are most atomizers so thirsty?

'Twas a long journey, that is for sure. The industry took a turn years ago, as more and more companies developed high-tech atomizers that could churn out vapor. It was a race to the finish line. Who would create the biggest clouds? This was fueled by cloud competitions in vape shops. Those cloud competitions exposed the niche cloud chasers to the mainstream of vaping. There was a problem with this, however. As most companies began to design products for more clouds, you saw less and less "normal" vaping equipment. New 20 watt devices were no longer being released. Instead, Evolv and other chip manufacturers began ramping up toward the 200 watt mark. When you have so much vapor, you need more power. However, the niche cloud chasers made up just a tiny portion of the whole vape industry.

The competition vapers clouded the judgment of vape manufacturers.

Instead of making vapes for everyone, factories and labs churned out beastly equipment. The regular, ordinary vaper just trying to quit smoking was put on the back burner to make room for more clouds. Well, things have come a ways from there. Today, more and more beginner kits are being designed. Juice companies started to jump on the high-nicotine and nicotine salts bandwagon. More efficient atomizers have been released and keep being released.

Although cloud chasers are here to stay, vape companies are only now looking back on those vapers that they left behind in the race to the most clouds.

New items are still being produced that cater to human fog machines, like the Smok TFV12 tank and the Wismec RX300 mod. The TFV12 can be vaped at up to 300 watts, and the RX300 delivers that raw power with four 18650 cells. This is heavy duty equipment. The TFV12 works best with air-to-lung vaping, so you can get the most vaper into your lungs.

However, there is a big connection between mouth-to-lung vaping, and more efficient atomizers. The smaller the coil, the less the wattage. The less the wattage, the less juice being consumed. Beginner devices like the Mi One mini mod work best with MTL vaping.

Even if you want to vape air-to-lung and not mouth-to-lung, you have choices.

If you don't want your tank to consume much juice during the day, consider upping your nicotine strength. You have to find a sweet spot for your satisfaction. Most of us vapers need some throat hit, but not all of us. For those that don't, zero nicotine is alright. Some throat hit could be found in 50/50 PG/VG juice. Propylene glycol offers throat hit without upping the nicotine strength.

In light of PG/VG ratios, for juice efficiency and practicality consider a single coil build. Further, a single micro coil will require less juice than a single complex coil.

Your best option is the Kayfun v5 or the Kayfun mini v3 by Svoe Mesto for single coil, simple and juice-efficient atomizers. These tanks are made in Germany and require an upfront investment, after which you will find them very undemanding.

Most people who buy a Kayfun 5 or Kayfun V3 mini are not looking to blow clouds. They are vapers like you, who don't want to create chaotic clouds and don't want to fill their tank fifteen times a day. There are a few other options for single coil simplicity. And there will be more coming out in the future as the industry starts reeling itself in from 300 watt car battery-boosting mods and back to simple and easy to maintain solutions.