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What You Need to Start Vaping

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So you’ve stumbled out of a vaping arena with only one thing on your mind. No, it’s not a chicken burrito.

I can hear it now, “I’ve got to have one of these things.”

If your brain is swirling, imitating the cool musky and warm custard flavored clouds, don’t be afraid my friend, you’ve just been bitten by the vaping bug.

There are lots of reasons people get into vaping… A lifestyle choice, as a full on hobby, or just as a possible way to kick tobacco for good.

So what’s your motivation? Are you a smoker looking towards cutting back on the filtered monsters you have been warned about most of your life? Or maybe you just want to dip your toe into a vaping lifestyle.

Either way, people generally take it on because of a want to cut back on the nicotine aspect of cigarettes. But once that has been covered, many want the full and varied flavors that otherwise would remain elusive.

Your motivation is as individual as you all are, and all about your own decisions on where you want to go.

Initially, you may feel unprepared or pretty clueless on the finer points of vaping but don’t worry.

We all had to start somewhere! That is the main point: starting.

There are lots of beginners out there so don’t think you are alone. You happen to be in good company if you are interested. There are actually a few notable people that are proud vapers.

Let’s begin with a look at some essential components for vaping…

What is this Thing?

The real beginners with not much exposure will be genuinely curious at first as to how this all works.

Without being too boring about it, the e-cig is made up of a few components which you should be at least a bit familiar with, if not just for the sake of understanding how things work.

In its simplest terms, the following is the basis of vaping gear, and the things you will come across and need to become familiar with.

Below are the very basics of what you need to start vaping…

The Tube or Box

Sometimes referred to as a device or “pen,” it holds all the bits and pieces that work together like pistons and cogs to ensure your vaping experience is a lasting one.

A Power Source

Mostly this will be a battery. They come in all different strengths and is sometimes the topic of many discussions on which are best and why.

The humble battery will bring the power to your vaping. Without it, you’re just sucking on a straw.

But hey, you might be into that. We don’t judge here.

An Atomizer or Tank

This is the part containing the e-liquid. The atomizer connects to the battery and contains the heating element (a coil). This heat produces the vapor.

Told you this was simple.

The Coil

The heating point contained within the atomizer. The coil is made from wire. All types of wires are available, made from different material and that have differing gauges. You will learn the differences as you go.

A Wick

Usually organic cotton, but vapers have their own preference. The same can be said for every other aspect of vaping as well.


Ahhh, this is the thing that you vape for. The choice is entirely up to you, and just as personal as any other flavors you may enjoy in food and beverages.

Same goes for the nicotine level. Start slow. Don’t rush it. As a beginner if you feel nauseated, or dizzy in any way, back off the nicotine level. Look at lower strength e-juice.

This is very different to anything else you’ve tried.

Feeding The Desire

If you’re still reading this, enough said…

Having A Brain

Ok, now here’s where we put on our serious caps for a moment. Arm yourself with some knowledge by looking at different posts for further information. It really is for your own benefit.

Don’t get scared now, the safety points are for your information, but mostly for your education.

If you are the kind of person who likes to remain on the earth, and not buried under it, then you need to recognize some safety essentials.

That’s all. You can refocus now. Lecture over.

Where Do I Start?

For the beginner, the more controlled devices and starter kits are said to be ideal. The fully featured gear takes away that initial discomfort of having to really be aware of what you’re doing. Graduate to more manual devices later, if that’s what you choose.

There are no hard and fast rules here, but one of the keys is to be around other vapers. There’s a lot be said for keeping mouths closed with eyes and ears open when you’re a beginner.

Look listen and learn and gain experience that way.

What Am I Doing Wrong?

If things aren’t happening first off, like all things, it will take some time to get it right.

Don’t get discouraged and certainly don’t have massive expectations the first time you do this. If your goal is to have endless vape clouds circling you like a… then be mindful of that goal and that it is worth moving steadily toward.

Can I vape like I’m smoking a regular cigarette?

Generally the answer is no due to vaping needs to have a longer ‘draw’ on the device. A cigarette can be dragged on for two to three seconds, whereas a device will need an action longer than that to produce the desired effect.

And there you have it, grasshopper. Ready or not.

Don’t be led all over the place, now that you’ve found us you’re definitely on the right track.

Find a device you are comfortable with, then after a while you can look at moving further on and experimenting if you wish.

That’s the true beauty of vaping. You might never know what you want until it shows its thick, cloudy, vapor face.