What are the Best Beginner Vape Kits of 2017? A guide to the newest an What are the Best Beginner Vape Kits of 2017? A guide to the newest an — OV LLC
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What are the Best Beginner Vape Kits of 2017? A guide to the newest and best ultra-compacts

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Are you confused about the Best Beginner Vape Kits of 2017? Here’s a handy guide on what is out there and the differences between them.

So you have finally come to realize you want to put down cigarettes once and for all. You have had limited to no success with vape kits before, but its 2017, and you are committed this time. Well, lucky for you there’s plenty of choices. They are all very good candidates but there are major differences.

To understand what is the best solution for your needs, the first thing you need to figure out is how long you plan to go without a charge. Do you work from a desk or in the field? Do you need a battery to last all day, or just a few hours? This is the number one question to determine. Second, you have to choose from open or closed systems, we will discuss this further below. Firstly, let’s get through the basics.

What does MTL vaping mean?

If you are a new vaper, or if you are just getting off cigarettes, you are considered a mouth-to-lung vaper. There is a considerable difference between mouth-to-lung vaping and air-to-lung vaping. Seasoned vapers that blow huge clouds often vape air-to-lung. There is little to no draw resistance in these types of setups. Cigarette smokers smoke in a mouth-t0-lung fashion, that is, you first inhale into your mouth, and then inhaling into the lungs. Therefore MTL vapers have more draw resistance, and naturally have less vapor production.

MTL vapers typically use coil heads that are above an ohm (1.0) resistance. the Mi One is one of the few kits that offers sub-ohm coil heads (0.6). The lower the ohms, the more vapor you get. Additionally, sub-ohm coils require more power, draining batteries faster. If you have a high nicotine juice, you can find a perfect balance of power usage and vapor production.

Why don’t I just get a traditional RDA or RTA?

RDA vape tank atomizers are robust, and require maintenance. You need wick, coils, and you need to understand how best to set it up. You will also need a mod, or the device itself. That’s quite a bit of sunk cost, and high-performance devices don’t come without their own flaws. If you are just starting out or coming back to vaping after a hiatus, you may not want all the moving parts right now. If all you want is a quick way to get your fix, a beginner kit will definitely suffice. Not all vapers plan to join Facebook groups and become enthusiasts overnight. Some of us just vape to get our nicotine fix! Either way, there hasn’t been this much success in beginners quitting smoking since the vaping industry was born, almost ten years ago. The best beginner vape kits of 2017 have dramatically reduced cost, higher durability and more performance than ever before.

Flavors have gotten much better over the years. Additionally, technology has come a long way since the beginning of vaping. Your chances of successfully transitioning and quitting entirely have gone way up.

All the best beginner vape kits of 2017 listed here are in stock, but there are a few things you must do first before truly finding the best one for you.

To understand the best choice for you, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you prefer to vape on a pen-style mod, or a high-tech mini box like the Mi One? If you have an oral fixation, you may need something that will closely resemble a cigarette, like the MyJet or JUUL.
  • Do you want the ability to choose from a huge selection of juice, or is a few flavors alright?
  • How often do you see a USB port? Can you charge your device often or you need a long charge?
  • Do you normally smoke less than a pack a day, or do you smoke two packs a day? Resolving these questions will lead you directly to the right kit for you.

Everyone has a different style of vaping. There are two categories of beginner kits, open systems and closed systems. Open systems allow for your own juice, and there’s plenty of flavors out there. Closed systems are simple and rely on a few flavors that the manufacturer releases.

The best closed system for vape kits in 2017 hands down, is the JUUL:

#1 JUUL Starter Kit

Out of the best beginner vape kits of 2017, The JUUL takes the cake. It has been around over a year, and nothing comes close to it for several reasons. First, you have an amazing looking device. It is small, thin and has great nicotine delivery. Second, although it is closed system, vapers have hacked their JUUL to allow for different juice selection. JUUL flavors include tobacco, mint, creme brulee, fruit and now even mango. These choices have consistently ranked among the top by vapers for exceptional flavor and consistency. The drawback on this device are that your charge is not substantial. You will need to charge it a few times a day to keep up with vapers that used to smoke a lot. Getting a few devices is the one way around that. The pods last for about 200 puffs each.

Open systems allow for tremendous flavor choices, and there’s quite a few awesome ones out now. Keep in mind, you will need your own juice for open systems:

#2 MyVapors MyJet Simple Kit

#3 MyVapors MyMini Box Mod

MyVapors is an American company, with two awesome products. You add your own juice, Mr. Salt-E or another nicotine salt-based liquid is really the only way to go here for a great result. The MyJet resembles a high-tech cigarette with the form factor some vapers need to get rid of the bad habit. The MyMini is a tiny box mod. Both of these products have an air intake sensor, which means there is no button to press to fire it up. Simply inhale and the device will start firing.

#4 Eleaf iCare 2300mAh PCC Starter Kit

The Eleaf iCare 2300mAh solves a problem if you don’t have a USB port near you. Eleaf has been in the industry for years, and they have a decent reputation. The Personal Charging Case (PCC for short) will re-charge your tiny mod a few times before needing a charge itself.  The mod itself only has 320mAh, but The PCC has 2300mAh of battery backup power to help out when you are out of charge. The Eleaf iCare also has an air intake sensor, requiring you to inhale before it starts working.

#5 Mi One Mini Mod Basic Kit

The Mi One has a high-end look, with several different abalone shell panels and a removable drip tip. This device solves quite a few problems. Firstly, it has a huge charge capacity, at 1100mAh it will last hours before needing a charge. Secondly, it produces significant vapor, with sub-ohm coils (0.6 ohms). It also doesn’t have an air intake sensor, rather relying on a firing button. You hit the button and the mod will fire off, when you are finished taking a drag, you let go of the button.

Since ultra-portable Best Beginner Vape Kits of 2017 are decidedly less powerful than their bigger, more expensive brethren, you will need to stick to nicotine salts e-liquid like Mr. Salt-E or Fill My Pod if you choose an open system. This is important because you are getting high nicotine content, but not a harsh, throat-hitting experience. Nicotine salts have much less harshness than normal e-juice at the same level or higher nicotine strength. A combination of nicotine salts e-juice and a low power mod have had tremendous success in the vape community for helping users quit smoking for once and for all.

If there is a question that is going unanswered, or you think there should be a revision, please email us at support@originvape.com.

We were there once, too. And we are here to help you live a happier, healthier life!