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Nicotine-Free Vaping

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Nicotine free vape may be the best thing since sliced bread.

Imagine if you were a nonsmoker. Not only that, but nobody smoked in your whole family. You had another addiction. You loved candy. I mean, you really, really loved candy. You would eat a Snickers bar, chew on a whole pack of Big League Chew, and finish it off with two Twizzlers packs. Hey, at least you never picked up a cigarette, right?

Unhealthy behavior takes on many forms.

After years of candy-gorging, suppose you then found out about vaping without nicotine. Instantly transported to the sweet-toothed heaven that is the dessert e-juice world, your compulsion for sweets is met without the need to destroy your teeth and eat empty calories. Today’s e-juice selection is enormous. A nirvana of epic proportions with every kind of combination of dessert flavors imaginable.

Nicotine free vape can actually help you lose weight, but only if you are really serious about your diet and intake. Your incessant need to satisfy your sweet tooth would be blunted by tricking your brain into vaping Caramel Creme Brulee without nicotine.

Non Nicotine Vaping is better than smoking.

It all comes down to what is inside the e-juice ingredients. To figure this out, you can break down e-liquids into three main classes.

  • Artificially Sweetened

  • Naturally Sweetened

  • Unsweetened

This is the basic makeup of all e-liquids. The truth is, most juice is artificially sweetened. Unsweetened e-juice is hard to find, and usually not budget-friendly. Naturally sweetened e-juice may also be called organic e-liquid.

Nicotine Free Vape can be nearly harmless when controlling for sweetener.

If you want control over the recipe, DIY your juice!

Let’s say you tried an unsweetened, non nicotine e-liquid and liked it. Green tea is now officially your favorite flavor. Well, the only thing that you are vaping is PG and VG, with flavoring extract from tea leaves.

Why PG? Is it safe to vape on?

PG or Propylene Glycol, is nicotine free. It is a base for juice because it produces vapor when heated by a coil. It does a really good job of making flavor stand out in e-liquid, and has been shown to be generally safe to the body.You can find PG in cosmetics and over the counter drugs.

It is too soon to tell if PG is 100% safe to vape on. Here we have a need for studies to address this question in a large population of vapers.

We do know that high concentrations of PG is bad for animals, specifically cats. Should you have cats and prefer higher PG e-juice, make sure you stay far away from your animals so the vapor dissipates and they do not inhale it.

It is commonly known that teeth and sugar do not mix well. If you eat a lot of sweets, you will definitely get a cavity. It is quite possible that the same goes for sugar in vaporized form, but there’s no hard science behind that yet. If you try to compare eating sweets to vaping them, well…there’s no comparison. Vaping them is better.

Vegetable Glycerin is added in juice for a ying-yang type of balance.

VG mutes flavor, and smooths out throat hit. Pure VG e-liquid won’t give you any sort of throat hit at all. It is also responsible for making thick plumes of vapor. You can’t get this much vapor from PG. Derived from vegetable oil, VG has a mildly sweet taste to it, which masks nuanced notes in e-juice.

You can find VG commonly in soap, cosmetics, and other care products. The FDA considers this substance to be generally safe. It is far more inert than PG, which can cause mild allergic reactions in some people when consumed.

So non nicotine vaping is not so bad.

A nicotine free vape should be maintained in place of a ho ho. Well, what if you need a little throat hit? You still don’t need nicotine for that. Thankfully, a healthy 50/50 PG/VG ratio in your juice will land you the desired throat hit. Some shops allow you to fine-tune your PG for just the right amount of throat hit.

What about the children?!

Governments can’t really blame kids for being kids. Banning all flavors just because kids may or may not find them appealing is absurd on its face. Adults rely on the world of flavors out there to find the one appealing for them, so they can quit smoking.

It is simple, really. Anything taboo piques adolescent interest by its very nature. Curiosity! Nothing wrong with that unless kids act upon it.

Most bottle caps are fitted with child locks. Smart adult labeling is already taking place. The vaping community self-polices and vapers don’t like e-juice companies peddling to children. You vote with your dollars, and you do it well.

The fight will go on against intrusion into our personal liberties worldwide and we won’t give up our preferences so easily.

The University of Michigan found out in a study a few years ago that E-cigarette usage has surpassed cigarette usage among teens. OK, that may sound alarming. However, the study also found that,

In a 40-year-long study, the use of cigarettes among youth is at a historic low.

Vaping is not a gateway to cigarettes. It is a zeitgeist, a fad that will fade away. What society will be left because of the innovations in vaping will be far fewer cigarette smokers. These historic low smoking rates for teens sounds a death knell for the future of the tobacco industry, and all those that rely on it.

The TL/DR; version of this is vaping without nicotine is safe!

  • If you plan to start a diet tomorrow, to really keep you off sweets you can always trick your brain into thinking you are eating them.
  • You can get throat hit without nicotine, just by adding PG to the e-liquid.
  • To have a nicotine free vape, and to do it the least harmful way, you want unsweetened non-nicotine e-juice with a low wattage (<20 watts).