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History of Vaping
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History of Vaping

· · 1 comment

The Concept of the e-cig as an alternative to tobacco is not a new one, in fact, this revelation is the genius of a certain individual whose idea goes back a number of years.

Not quite from the land of the dinosaurs, but long enough ago to ensure its ultimate burial, until someone got wise.

Brought to us with the sole intention of reducing the amount of tobacco consumed, and with the hopes of the distribution by an alternative delivery system, and the concept of the original e-cig was born.

So what started all this, and who can we point the finger to blame for all this ruckus?

The Swinging 60’s

Like many things that are bound to resurface the e-cig and vaping had quite humble beginnings at the hands of Herbert Gilbert in the early 1960’s. It would appear this founding architect of what was to be the early cigarette replacement, had the patent to the first “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” removed from its probable future by sheer indifference.

Alas, his idea and true intent was fated to disappear into the never-never and did not make it to a commercial realization. The patent would eventually expire.

A blog from across the pond did a Q & A with the man himself, which is quite insightful.

Some would put this early failure to launch down to bad timing, but was it possible that in 1963 the world just wasn’t ready for this type of evolution?

Or was it that the tobacco companies weren’t too comfortable releasing their grip, even in the smallest degree, to something that may well have threatened what was the very lucrative and popular cigarette smoking period the world was to ever see.

Fast forward to the year 2000 and another gentleman with a similar vision, Hon Lik, and his company were soon to be credited with the E-Cig as we have come to recognize it today.

This device, through a piezoelectric method, was to emit a vapor designed to be used with a diluted tobacco liquid, for the sole purposes of reducing nicotine intake. For those serious about removing regular cigarettes and their inherent dangers from their life, this was seen to be a Godsend, and production went mainstream in the late 2000’s.

What Did The First E-cig Look Like?

Simply a crude device of a battery, tube, heating element and something to create a vapor the resemblance to a regular cigarette, was and is still the most identifiable of apparatus.

While the modern day version of the device may not be used for its original intent of cessation of a nicotine habit.

Like most things of future importance the humble inkling was aligned with the potential to be influenced by technology.

To Vape Or Not to Vape

The true traditionalist might see the vaping sub-culture of today as simply a trend surely doomed to hold the same place in history as the Yo-yo and Hula-hoop.

Lacking elements (not to mention the thousands of chemicals) and the social acceptance associated back in the day, with a ‘normal’ cigarette, the same people would also be happy to explain away the evidently strong technological advances as unnecessary ones for the future growth of the small, but strengthening industry.

Sacrilege or not, the subsequent following that has developed, the interest in E-Cigs, mods and the vaping lifestyle cannot be denied. This is, of course, not only due to the growth of the industry but the minds behind the technology driving new ideas in hardware and varieties of e-juice.

Better, Stronger, Faster

The world was not ready for such genius in the 1960’s, but one thing is clear, there is no stopping us now.

Not content with the original form, modern day devices have advanced in their circuitry, and now available in a variety of shapes and sizes, which seem to attract both the novice and experienced vaper alike.

As technology evolves so does people’s expectations. Nowadays vapers expect a little more from the experience. Some want, and have the ability, to create their perfect mod and are more than prepared to spend their days doing just that.

In fact, some devices are now so far removed from their origin of shape and capabilities they would seem, to the uneducated, unrecognizable and quite alien for their once intended application.

Problems with flavor and other associated issues have lead virtual plethora of available Mods to be set well apart from the initial and still existing, disposable cigarette look alike devices once thought to be the be-all and end-all.

The two couldn’t be more different in their ability to satisfy a more practiced vaper, and in their capacity to sell. So there you have it. A brief introduction into the history of what has led the modern-day vaper to the here and now.

Anything worthwhile will generally create opinion, comment and standoff that is certain. These days the arguments and discussions have turned to the preferences and differences in mechanical and electronic mods, not so much why they were invented or the future of the device.

While some may find it annoying or get tired of hearing one point of view debated against the other, it’s not a bad thing. It is this banter and contrast in viewpoints that creates interest and involvement in the industry.

What, don’t you think the cavemen of an age gone by had grunting arguments about which club was better, for beating the crap out of an unsuspecting rock?

This, my friends, is the stuff that the future leaders in vaping are made of and to those, who started it all, we salute you. Clubs and all.

It’s clear the desire to have the ‘smoking’ experience has been with us as a species since forever. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way.