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Debunking Vaping Myths
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Debunking Vaping Myths

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Debunking Vaping Myths: the truth about vape mods and vaping in general you should know. 

It’s hard to know what to believe when it comes to vaping, as there’s all kinds of misinformation out there. One source may tell you vaping is completely fine, and another could say that it’s just as bad or worse than smoking. Fortunately for vapers everywhere, the latter is far from the truth. Critics have made up many false statements about vaping, which is why we’ve rounded up several popular vaping myths to expose the truth.

Vaping Has the Same Dangers as Smoking

There’s a very clear difference between vaping and smoking. With vaping, you’re inhaling water vapor, which is the result of your vape’s atomizer heating up e-juice. Compare that to a cigarette, where you’re inhaling smoke and all the chemicals that cigarette companies put in their products. When you vape, you’re not exposing yourself to the dangers of all those chemicals in cigarettes or of inhaling smoke into your lungs.

Vapes and E-Cigarettes Are Interchangeable

While many people use the terms “vape” and “e-cigarette” interchangeably, they’re not the same product. Whether you get a vape pen kit or a mod, a vape has a rechargeable battery, an atomizer and e-juice. An e-cigarette has a pre-filled cartridge. Vapes have become the far more popular option because of their flavor options and their designs. Even the best e-cigarette isn’t going to have many flavors available, whereas even a cheap vape pen will be compatible with all kinds of e-juice.

Vape Mods Produce Second Hand Smoke

Again, there is no smoke involved in the vaping process. It’s all water vapor, which means what the vaper blows out is water vapor, which will smell like the flavor of the e-juice. Now, it’s still impolite to vape indoors without asking or blow the vapor in someone’s face, but there are no health risks like there are with secondhand smoke.

Vaper Mods Have Nicotine

This myth is somewhat true, but the amount of nicotine in vapes is often overstated. You’re able to choose the amount of nicotine you want when you purchase your e-juice, with the strength measured in milligrams. Nicotine levels range from 0 milligrams to 36 milligrams, so if you don’t want any nicotine, you can buy 0-milligram e-juice. Many people who are making the transition from smoking to vaping start off at a high level of nicotine and then gradually work their way down.

Keep in mind also that nicotine itself hasn’t proven to be harmful. It’s a stimulant that’s similar to caffeine. It’s the smoke and the chemicals that does the damage when it comes to cigarettes.

E-Juice Is Dangerous

There have been all kinds of false rumors and misconceptions regarding the ingredients in e-juice. E-juice typically contains four main ingredients, which are vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavoring and nicotine, unless it’s a 0-milligram e-juice. Some people have called PG the main ingredient in antifreeze to make vaping seem harmful. In actuality, PG is an additive in some antifreeze, but it’s only there to reduce the harm if someone swallows the antifreeze, and it’s certainly not the main ingredient.

There have been quite a few studies demonstrating the safety of the ingredients in e-juice. That is one reason it was important to write this article about Debunking Vaping Myths. The notion that any of the ingredients are possibly unsafe is completely false.

Since the act of vaping can look similar to smoking, many have a hard time getting over the assumption that it’s just as unhealthy. However, the studies have shown that vaping is a healthy alternative.