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Burnt and Beyond: The Facts Behind That Taste

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For new and experienced vapers alike, there is nothing quite worse than the burnt unpleasant taste of what should be a fresh comforting hit.

Don’t be discouraged if this happens to you. Understandably, this kind of experience, especially on a regular basis can be really off-putting. That’s what we don’t want.

Think of your gear as an intuitive, temperamental, sometimes surly mistress that will soon let you know if you’ve been relegated to the dog house from lack of care and due attention.

Aftertaste or a burnt taste can be the result of a few things…

It’s not always under our control, but knowing what to look for is a positive step in the right direction.


“But it wasn’t me!” I hear you say.

Metallic and burnt tastes are not always the fault of the vaper.

Certain manufacturing substances and residues are present on devices and can certainly create a disturbing first few vapes.

Some people swear by priming a new atomizer before using it for the first time. Why is this done? Simply, it can remove some of the metallic residue from the normal packaging primer used to prevent oxidization of the atomizer. Sure, you can use any device straight out of the box, but maybe it’s worth investing in some knowledge on this.

Just try and blow out most of the primer and wipe it clean. It can help to ensure your first few vapes aren’t tainted.

How Dry I Am

If you’ve managed, in your youthful exuberance to vape the device dry, don’t worry, simply add more e-juice. You have to watch out for this if it’s become a habit as you can do damage to your gear if you’re not aware.

I know it might seem like a Captain Obvious comment but if you are new, all these things need to be learnt and learned from.

The burnt taste will almost certainly show its face from the tank being empty and the wick not being saturated.


Depending on the amount of use, atomizers will need to be cleaned, maybe once a week.

Crud and filth (nice, huh?) can build up rendering a not-so great vape and seriously lame cloud.

Cleaning will extend the life of your gear which you and your wallet will enjoy.

Wash with warm water and dry with a paper towel and leave it to fully dry. Once dry, go through the priming of the atomizer again. It’s helpful.

Remember if you leave burned tasting e-juice in your device you will only propel the aftertaste in to your next vape. Get rid of it.


You Get What You Pay For

It’s true, as with most things in life. Cheap is not always best. Is really important to get your e-juice from reputable suppliers. Know what you’re getting and develop a good relationship with your store.

Cheaper brands have an inherent burnt taste. It’s hard to describe, but you’ll know it when you try it.

Stay away from it, wherever possible. There’s nothing worse, and a great way to put you off vaping for a good while.

User Error

Believe it or not, we all make mistakes and are prone to having at least one human trait of not watching what were are doing, or not educating ourselves on the best ways to enjoy our vaping experience.

A few of these outcomes are burning the coil and creating hotspots

If you have a power adjustable device, they are purpose built. Please read and take note of the recommended settings.

If you are not sure about what to do, or if you’re even doing the right thing, seek some advice. There’s never any harm in that.

It’s also worth mentioning that new vapers can sometime be the catalyst for taste issues due to the amount vaped, and even the consistent use of one flavor. It can have a numbing effect on the taste buds.

Try mixing it up a little and experiment with some new e-juice. I know there are flavors you like, but the way you came about the ones you love the most is by trying them, right?

Is My Device OK?

Does a bad mechanic always blame his tools? Well, sometimes, but there are other times when his tools could be compromised.

Seriously, if you have a new device straight out of the box and you continue to have the burnt experiences, then there might be truly something wrong with that unit.

If you find that things are still not right, approach your supplier. There’s no sense in getting frustrated when it could be simply that your unit is damaged.

It’s not unheard of. At least try to do some things to remedy it, and then you will know you’ve covered all the bases you can.

When it comes to vaping experiences, good and bad, don’t be afraid to share. This is the way we gain knowledge. Passing on our experiences can shape how you and others see your future of vaping.

So keep up the communication. A burden shared is a burden halved.

When it comes to a tasty delicious cloud, the hope is certainly out there, even for those who have experienced the lows of vaping. Remember, the highs are just around the corner.

Armed with a bit of knowledge, the lure of your favorite flavor and the promise of that sweet cloudy friend, the future couldn’t look better.

So go and get your device out of the trash, apologize profusely for misunderstanding her, and rekindle the old relationship you have come to know and love.