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Best Vape Mod For Clouds
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Best Vape Mod For Clouds

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Sometimes big is not big enough, with more and more vapers choosing to devote their days in search of the largest vapor clouds possible.

Are you one of them? Are you a cloud chaser? Its Ok, you can admit it, we’re all friends here…

Cloud chasing tends to conjure up a few things in my brain, not sure about yours.

So, what’s the appeal?

Massive cumulous-like results rendering others around you speechless with a hint of the green-eyed monster, that’s what.

Chasers are always on the lookout for ways to tweak their atomizers with the sole aim of having the biggest and best cloud. So much so, that chasing has become somewhat of a sport with competitions being held for those bitten by the bug.

Keep in mind that not everyone wants to float around in the cumulous on this type of level.

For the rest of us, obtaining our own personal best is more to our style…

Your Gear, Your Choice

So what is the main goal here?

For vapers looking for the ultimate cloud, there are a few things you will need. Great gear is one of them.

From Authentic vape mods and e-cigs of all sizes right the way through to large box mods, there will be the right tool for your vaping experience, and ways to gain the clouds you want to see.

There’s plenty of varying e-cig mods for sale and vape mods for sale so the choice is yours. See what you prefer.

Most looking for clouds will want a mechanical mod but you can get good results with a regulated device as well. Controlled temperature boxes will also allow you to get a good vaping experience. Then, if you like, move on to more adventurous tasks.

Don’t be persuaded to go for something you don’t want. Check out alternatives.

Decisions, decisions…

Look at a great supplier for kits, parts and ready built devices. While we’re on the subject the Smok TFV12 tank is considered one of the most powerful. Very airy with lots of power. It’s definitely worth seeing if this is for you.

Sub Ohming For Big Clouds

In the quest for the ultimate cloud, vapers often turn to sub-ohming. Generally this will mean pushing the limits of your battery, hence walking the fine line of what is safe and what is blurring that line to almost invisibility.

Big clouds require maximum airflow and lots of power.

Pay ohm-age to the coil. A low ohm coil will give an effect of more vapor. They have less resistance and get hotter quicker burning through your e-juice quicker, which also could be the downside.

It’s not really recommended for the new vapers, until they have a well understood approach to this scene with lots of knowledge on basic principles of electricity. Due to the nature of the products it is recommended you know everything there is to know about battery safety. Knowledge is a useful thing, arm yourself with it to make sure you’re safe.

You are likely to see sub-ohming at all those cloud competitions we either love or hate.

To Build Or Not To Build

There are some who will tell you the only way to obtain the large clouds is to rebuild. Generally you will be wanting a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA).

Rebuilding is like any other electrical device based hobby. Some people build kit guitars and others rebuild engines. Some build radios, or remote controlled drones.

It’s all the same. Interest triggers self-education. Knowledge and interest go hand-in-hand.

Take it as far as you want, but take the warning about rebuilding seriously. You will need to manage the safety aspects. No one can save you, but you.

A few ways to get larger clouds without taking unnecessary risks can be found in these tried and true methods.

The VG Ratio

Vapers who are looking to increase cloud size can experiment with the e-juice ratio. A higher percentage of VG (vegetable glycerin) can help. It captures moisture better allowing large clouds. Look to at least 75% VG juices.

You may not get the flavor you want, but the clouds will be bigger.

Your choice. Sometimes you gotta make ’em.

The Suck Zone

Yep, you read it correctly.

Sometimes it’s the way your vaping that can be conducive to creating larger clouds. To get more vapor you need to be able to draw enough air to cool the coil. It’s true that lung capacity may have something to do with it, so it may not be your fault.

If you’re lungs are fine, inhale harder.

Don’t forget there are ways to enjoy more vapor without added risks associated with rebuilding. Naturally, these alternatives are debatable, but that’s when conversations start, ideas are born…

Everyone has their own idea of a perfect vape, and as with most things, the best varies from person to person.

There will always be differing opinions, and that’s ok. Imagine if everyone felt the same about these things, how boring and uniform the vaping world would be.

Recreational or competitive, if cloud chasing seems like something you want to become involved with, then go for it.

Watch and learn. It can be very exciting for the new vaper to be around likeminded others and experiment with obtaining the ultimate cloud.

Just be mindful some vapers may not be there for the sheer enjoyment. If you start blowing massive clouds in the wrong person’s face, you may get a mod shaped dent in the middle of your forehead.

Not a good look.

What I’m saying is, be a little conscious of other people around you, not just the non-vapers, but in everyone general. Ongoing bad behavior has a negative effect and can bring down everything vapers have been trying to achieve for years. Respect.

However you feel about it (and there are extremely diverse views on this pastime), it can’t be denied that cloud chasing has a following.

Does this type of attention raise awareness? Sure it does. Whenever you have gatherings of people trying to outdo each other, you will also find the inevitable good and bad press.

Now, to the vape weather… Over the coming days there will be a strong likelihood of opinion raining down, heavy at times. Gusty winds of change will follow, with a probability of large cloud cover for selected cities.

It’s time to make your way, one cloud at a time.