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Beginner’s Guide to Temp Control

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UPDATE 1/2017: First published a year ago, this blog post is just as relevant today with temperature control still being at the forefront of advanced vaping. The only difference is that now there is adjustable coefficients in temperature control. This means, if you know the coefficient value of the metal you are using, some mods allow you to input that instead of relying on built-in settings for nickel, titanium and stainless steel.

So what is all this talk about temperature, I hear you ask.

Well I can tell you that it is not the kind of temperature that renders you on the couch whining for sympathy and a hot lemon drink.

No, my newbie vapers, this is so much more to temperature control… Depending on who you talk to and the circles in which you travel, this is the only way to set you on the path to finding your next uber throaty sweet spot.

To begin, a little something needs to be known about what’s involved and why people swear by this thing that is sometimes referred to as a ‘fad’.

Take my hand (or not) and let me lead you into the world of temp control as simply as possible.

What Is A Watt and Who Is Joule?

Temperature controlled devices regulate the temperature of the coil. The power methodology used can be in Watts or Joules. They are both descriptors for the amount of power being used.

To keep from boring people to tears, a Joule is equal to one watt of power delivered over 1 second of time, and Watts (power) is equal to joules (energy) per second.

As an example, if you set your mod for 40 Joules and took a 5 second draw you would be vaping at 8 watts.

The power P in watts (W) is equal to the energy E in joules (J), divided by the time period t in seconds (s): Watts.

Here’s the conversion info, if you’re interested.

Power is known as the ultimate corruptor, especially of brain cells.

Had enough? OK. Let’s move on…

The Control Factor

Temp control is temperature limiting whichever way you slice it. The consensus seems to be that temp control is ideal because it removes the need to rebuild.

You can fine tune your vape therefore spending less time tweaking your gear and more obtaining the best ‘clouds’ possible.


Flavor seems to be the common denominator for devotees of temp control devices. It is said that you are able to control the flavor.

Another point is consistent temperature = consistent vape.

These devices will keep your maximum temperature and will taper your wattage or power, so the vape will remain at the same temp for the duration, whether you vape once in an hour or every five minutes.

By comparison, a Kanthal wire build will get hotter the longer you have your finger on the trigger.

For Kanthal lovers, temp control seems to be an elusive thing as nickel appears to be the most popular and ‘safest’ wire to be used.

Before temperature controlled devices, nickel and titanium wires were not used as much due to their volatility. Their use would have certainly be marred with an element of danger.

Nickle has almost no resistance to electricity. So what you’re getting is pure power.

Horses For Courses

If the main advantage of temp control is the ability to alter your vape up or down, then just as there is a Ying to a Yang: there will be the apparent disadvantages.

More control equates to more safety. There it is again, the “S” word.

With boards that have temperature control the dangers are lessened, which is very appealing to some.

Safety remains an important focus for a lot of vapers, as it should be… especially for beginners.

You don’t win friends and influence people with barbequed eyelashes and burned lips.


Dry hits, burned cotton and e-juice can all be a thing of the past if you chose a temp controlled device. Simply put, the device will not produce vapor if the tank is empty or the wick doesn’t hold enough saturation. Dry hits and burning wicks are the enemy to your vaping experience.

So where’s the bad news?

Well, wherever there are new things, there are also differing opinions.

Some people simply like to build out their own coils to have control of their own experience, inclusive of cloud and coil behavior.

Customizing won’t disappear as long as there are vapers who like to tinker and build their favorite rebuildable tanks/atomizers, and experiment with coils at will.

That’s the great thing about vaping. You can make decisions for yourself and have choices which allow you to explore what’s available to you.

Associate yourself with many vapers and form your own ideas based on experience and knowledge.

So, Can I Build a Temperature Controlled Coil?

Everything is possible, although as a beginner many would find this not only daunting but frustrating. Nickle is soft and hard to manage. The coil is spaced and requires a level of perfection you may want to avoid in the beginning.

Another issue is over-tightening the post screws on a rebuildable atomizer (RDA). The wire is so soft that heavy-handed use can easily break the wire.

New vapers may be put off, and we don’t want that.

As with everything, beauty is in the eye of the holder. If you find yourself wide-eyed with wonderment at the technological advantages and progress with things like temp control, then stay tuned.

Box mods with temp control seems to be the trend of the year… but if you’re not one for following trends, you might not see too much of it anyways.

Stay tuned friends, this is about to get a lot more interesting.

It appears the technological advantages are set to only increase. As interest grows, the technology is looked at more closely.

Who knows what’s next? Maybe a box that makes your coffee to the perfect temperature!

Whatever floats your vaping boat, my friends.

Like everything, we are all happy to openly discuss our opinion and reasoning. This is not a bad thing, it allows people open up lines of commination, and a chance to offer up ideas and solutions they may have as experts or beginners alike.

So, grab your gear, go forth and vape to your hearts content… and please continue to discuss likes and dislikes.

By keeping topics alive and well you are helping to keep the vaping crowd with their feet very much planted in the here and now.

So much e-juice, so little time…