Avoid burnt hits from atomizers & get the best flavor out of juice Avoid burnt hits from atomizers & get the best flavor out of juice — OV LLC
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Avoid burnt hits from atomizers & get the best flavor out of juice
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Avoid burnt hits from atomizers & get the best flavor out of juice

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Are you getting a burnt taste a little too often and don’t understand why?

There can be several reasons why, and I came up with a few simple steps to help solve this issue.

A few common problems can be:

1. The power is too high for the coil you are using.

2. The coil was fired at too high a rate of power right after replacing the coil, or rebuilding/re­wicking it.

3. The setup is laying on its side:

• If the tank is upside down or on its side, it will cause the juice not to wick properly if the tank is not completely full.
• Make sure the tank is upright for at least 5 seconds before taking a puff, and allow at least 5 seconds between puffs to allow the juice to wick back to the coil.

4. Taking puff after puff continuously in a row without allowing the juice to wick properly (chain vaping) can also be a reason why many of us are getting horrible burnt taste.

After replacing a coil, always prime the wick.

To do this properly, add a few drops directly to the coil itself, setting the power output of your device to a low setting, preferably 15-­20W, or 3.2-­3.8V, depending on the ohms.

After you set up the power, pulse fire the coil 5-­10 times with 1 second bursts, making sure the wick is always saturated with juice.

For tanks with factory­-made coils, the process is a bit different. Screw the coil into the base of the atomizer, then screw the base onto your device (without the tank section attached), and fire the coil.

Doing this will break in the coil to prevent hot spots, start to break in the wicking material, and will also burn off any residue left in the coil from the factory. You only have to do this process with a ‘new’ coil. No need to when filling a tank after it has been used.

Higher ohms, 1.2 to 1.8 ohms need less power, lower ohms, 0.2 to 1 ohm need more power. When it comes to watts, your device may have as much as 200W of power or more!

We don’t need to fire our coils with that much power.

Keep an eye on the voltage output when firing the device.

I generally do not like to go above 4.2V, which any higher, can be the cause of a burnt hit and burnt wicking material. Cotton burns at 420 degrees and above.

High power will exceed this temperature, vaporize the liquid within the coil at a very fast rate, and the e­-liquid will not wick fast enough to keep the coil saturated, causing the wick to burn.

Once the wick is burnt, it will always taste burnt, and a burnt wick will not absorb and wick juice properly.

Patience is the key to avoiding a burnt experience.

Always begin vaping at a low power setting, and work your way up to your desired setting gradually 5+ watts, or 0.2­-0.3 volts at a time to break the coil(s) in properly.

If you are like me, and want the best flavor possible, I came up with these few simple steps to make sure my factory­-made coils are as clean and residue free!

I HATE the taste of machine oil, so I make sure none is on any of my coils or absorbed into the wicking material.

Once burnt, always burnt… so try to avoid it by taking your time and have some patience when vaping!

  1. Take the coil(s) you are going to be using and set them aside. You will only have to do this process once if you use a whole pack of coils.
  2. Use a small clean pot and fill it about ½ way with bottled distilled or purified water and bring to a slight boil (medium heat).
  3. Drop in the coils and let simmer for 15 minutes.
  4. Remove from heat and pour into a strainer.
  5. Rinse well with bottled purified water. Submerse coils in a container or cup of the water and shake around to rinse well.
  6. Shake out excess water and allow to dry completely. I place coils into a metal strainer above a low heat source to speed up the drying process.
  7. Now install the coil into the atomizer base, prime with e­liquid and pulse fire a few times. Attach base to tank section, and ENJOY the best tasting vapor production you can possibly get!

This boiling process works well for me.

Just remember to start with low power and work your way up to the desired power to receive the type of vapor production that you feel comfortable with.

High power is NOT made to look cool!

High power is for sub­-ohm and more than one coil configurations so there is a sufficient amount of power to produce a comfortable amount of vapor.

I also get the most out of my atomizers by thoroughly cleaning them before installing coils as I went over from a previous blog, 8 easy steps to clean your new RDA/Tank.

Another method that can be used, for those without the time to boil coils, is to soak factory coils in 91% rubbing alcohol overnight in a small container, shaking occasionally to remove any residue or machine oil from the coils.

No rubbing alcohol on hand? 100 proof vodka, or Everclear can be used as well.

I use a small vitamin container to soak my coils in. After soaking, rinse well with bottled or purified water by submerging them and shaking in a small container, repeating several times with fresh water.

Shake out any excess water, allow to dry, install, prime, and enjoy the pure flavor of your e-liquid!

So…as long as you have patience, and a desire to actually taste your premium e-­juice the way it ‘should’ taste, take the time and go through the very simple steps of having a clean, machine oil­ free atomizer, and you will be very surprised at what a difference it will make!

A special thank you to OV Will for sharing these great tips and photos with our readers!