8 easy steps to clean your new RDA / Tank 8 easy steps to clean your new RDA / Tank — OV LLC
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8 easy steps to clean your new RDA / Tank

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Clean your vape! A practical guide to cleaning your atomizer for first use. When us vapers buy a new tank or RDA and begin using it immediately, sometimes, we get a horrible taste that does not taste like e-liquid should. Chances are machine oil is alternating the taste causing a bad vape experience. Where has that atomizer been or came in contact with before it finally winds up in your hand?

One thing for sure, You have to clean your vape! it has been produced in a factory or shop with a machine that uses oil to keep cool, stay sharp, and running to produce 100’s or 1,000’s of devices. Production will leave a fine film of oil behind, which causes that horrible taste with a premium flavor.

Another thing that could be worse, metal shavings hiding inside the atomizer. Going for that huge cloud and inhaling a metal shaving would not be a pleasant experience.

To vape safely & with the best experience, clean your vape and you should solve all problems:


After removing your atomizer from the package, inspect it for any visible damage. If it looks good, I recommend carefully taking it completely apart, including o-rings and screws, making sure to remember where exactly everything went. Make a diagram if needed.


Find a clean, small container, and add 90% alcohol solution for a quick rinse off, and then drain. This will remove the most stubborn machine oil. Afterwards, fill it with enough hot water to completely cover all the parts of the atomizer.

Add a small amount of unscented dish soap (I prefer Dawn), and mix it in with the water with a toothbrush, or another type of small bristled brush. If you use scented dish soap you run the chance of having an atomizer that smells strongly of the scent you used.


Be careful while placing all the parts into the soapy solution. Allow to soak for a desired amount of time to loosen up any residue leftover from the machining process or anything else it may have picked up along the way. You are halfway through the way to clean your vape!


Using the brush, scrub down all the parts, especially the inside surfaces that air will be flowing through and juice will be in contact with. Tiny parts are hard to use a brush on, so the soak and rinse usually removes any residue.


Rinse all the parts well, then allow to dry, or dry with a clean soft cloth to speed things up. I prefer a micro-fiber cloth.


Now it’s time for assembly! You are almost done with the steps to clean your vape. Replace all the o-rings to their proper spots. Since the o-rings should be nice and clean now, assembly may be a little difficult. A simple efficient solution for this is to lube up the o-rings with the juice you are planning to use, or some plain ‘ole VG. Using a Q-tip makes lubing the o-rings simple for me.


Once all the o-rings are lubed up, continue assembly. Parts joined together by only an o-ring (no threads), are best assembled by using a twisting motion rather than press fitting. This help keep the o-rings from getting pinched or torn during the reassembly process.


After the atomizer is completely assembled, it’s time to enjoy a safe, flavorful vape!

Depending on your atomizer, whether an RDA or a tank, don’t forget to install your coil(s) in the final assembly process!

Hope this helps a lot of fellow vapers, and results in a better vape experience!

  A special thank you to OV Will for sharing these great tips and photos with our readers!