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SMOK Technology
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SMOK Technology

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Origin Vape     /     Last Updated February 2019

SMOK has proven since then that their field of expertise is both mods and atomizers…

According to Janet, 2013 was the year of “success of variable voltage devices [in the market]. This success signaled that the electronic cigarette entered into the variable voltage era.”

In 2013, SMOK produced the Magneto, a mechanical mod. This mechanical was elegant, affordable and featured an innovative button mechanism.

Today, it is still a popular mod, since mechanical mods do not share the same life cycle as cutting-edge, chip set-based devices.

The Smok Ego Winder also came out the same year, a popular Ego-threaded variable voltage device that competed directly with the Vision Spinner.

Bottom coil clearomizers like the Pyrex Aro and the Tumbler were also released that year. The factory was humming along…

SMOK’s insistence on going places no one else has gone has earned them a loyal following.

Smok's factory in Shenzhen

In 2014, the company spearheaded integration of Bluetooth technology into vaping. The BEC Pro and XPRO BT50 are devices that are adjustable via your mobile phone. To compliment the devices, iOS and Android applications were designed for use with the mods. It is precisely this kind of innovative adaptation of technology that we will continue to see from Smok, because of the size of their operation and their talented human resources.

According to Janet, as of 2015, SMOK employs 1500 people, including more than 20 engineers in their research and development lab.


Their R&D team is constantly tinkering and producing innovation. The inspiration for new products comes from social media. User feedback and the pioneering team of engineers have a hand in it as well. Although many new ideas float around the engineering team’s workspace, they zero in on only the most ground-breaking designs.

The timeline for new products used to be roughly 2-6 months, depending on the complexity of the project. At Smok, projects tend to get pretty complex, and oftentimes it will take the whole 6 months for a product to be ready. Nowadays, they have fine-tuned the process to about 3 months.

Smok Sales Rep Group Photo

At the very heart of this company is the idea that cutting-edge is not redesigning and revising, it is plunging head-first into the unknown…

There is a lot of competition across the industry and Janet hints Smok’s direct competitors are:

“Kanger, Aspire, and Sigelei… Although we have mature technology and the best cost performance, SMOK mainly focuses on high-end mods and tanks.”

Some of their products are considerably high end, and some mods they’ve produced retailed well over $150 upon release. They’ve also released affordable and quality gear, which means they try to produce something with every vaper mind.

The US market is the largest market for the company and Janet shares that, “SMOK may develop a subsidiary corporation in USA soon.”

As for external threats to the industry, clones and regulations are the two highest priorities for SMOK. Janet emphasizes that the company will look forward to working closely with regulators with respect to any pending legislation.

They have added scratch-off authentication to their products to combat cloning. With their new United States subsidiary, they will be ready to face legislative challenges.

Janet emphasizes that the company will look forward to working closely with regulators with respect to any pending legislation.

“…everyone in the company grew up together…”

What is on the horizon for SMOK?

According to Janet, future vaping technology will take user safety into consideration first. Safer, more reliable products will keep SMOK’s R&D department busy in the future. Safety is currently one of the biggest concerns in the United States vaping industry.

As the market grows and more cigarette smokers convert to beginner vapers, the last thing they should be exposed to is a dangerous device. Vaping is a worldwide phenomenon, and it can do the most good in cultures where smoking is ubiquitous.

According to the New York Times, almost 30 percent of Chinese adults smoke. Fifty-three percent of all men smoke cigarettes in China. That is a whopping number of potential vapers.

SMOK fully realizes the potential, but they believe there is time before vaping takes over the domestic market.

When asked about the Chinese vaping consumer and how SMOK was gearing its energies towards them, Janet reflects,

“For sure China is a potential big market, but for now it does not affect our R&D.”

In China, SMOK has already partnered with few small business owners to open brick and mortar stores under SMOK’s brand name. The company will hold its breath a little longer, pumping out innovation for the global market all the while.

As the electronic cigarette industry continues to evolve, there will be more emerging markets all over the world. The American vaping market has matured, but still has a long way to go.

Janet sees the speed at which the industry is progressing. She is confident that the vaping community will continue to grow and see the positive health effects from converting a generation of smokers in all the corners of the globe.

Working in SMOK is a great experience.

Their team is close-knit and they all vape. Janet’s setup is a TFV4 tank and an XCUBE II, the latest hardware available from SMOK today. Using the newest gear for free is an added bonus of working with your friends.

Janet wouldn’t dream of going elsewhere,

“…everyone in the company grew up together…”

 She strongly believes that the company is at the forefront of an exciting industry, and she feels right at home with her colleagues. Janet sees going to work everyday as an adventure.

The company’s motto is “Better SMOK, Better Life”

Inside Smok Store Shenzhen

Dual coil cartomizers, six-coil tanks, and Bluetooth-powered mods are just the beginning…

The TFV4 tank set a new standard for sub ohm tanks, then the TFV8, TFV12 and now the TFV12 Prince! SMOK is one of the most innovative leaders in the vape industry. We can continue to expect their new technology to surprise us.