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Innokin Technology
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Innokin Technology

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Origin Vape     /     Last Updated February 2019

When you picked up your first MVP,

your initial thought was how heavy it is. The brick that kept you vaping all day long and then some. It felt rugged and sturdy, like a tool. The MVP was revolutionary, and one of the few devices trusted by the vaping community at large.

Innokin's pursuit of stability in their electronic devices is remarkable. Paul Hare, the marketing officer for Innokin, says that there is magic at the company. "...being at Innokin is being at the forefront of a technological revolution..." and they don't let the speed of the industry pressure them.

Innokin MVP

A portmanteau of Innovation King, Innokin opened their doors in 2011. Paul has been with Innokin for over two years. Their name in Chinese is 新宜康科技有限公司, which translates to "Create New Technology for Healthy Living." The founding members have worked in the electronic cigarette industry for ten years. Innokin has 800 workers, with some variation based on production needs.

The corporate culture of the company is as strong as the staff's work ethic, says Paul. "Everyone here works very hard, even after-hours employees will communicate ideas and feedback." There is no typical 9AM-5PM eight-hour day in Innokin. "We share ideas and suggestions openly and the corporate culture is friendly and happy. Personally, I work closely with a small but dedicated international marketing team."

Innokin Coolfire 2

Mr. Hare remarks on how the company came to be. "Innokin began with a vision shared by a team. Innokin has always...pushed design and technology and are always focused on quality and safety. The core team has stuck together and grown over the past years, and the vision for quality and innovation remained..." Every time there is a high failure rate on a particular mod, Innokin is mentioned as a replacement. They have the reputation as the most reliable electronic cigarette manufacturer in China. Some companies launch products that bet it all on an engineering feat, on cutting edge tech. Failure rates are pretty high in the electronic cigarette industry. A conservative, stable, and reliable manufacturer is definitely a necessity.

According to Paul, "Innokin's focus has always been on making the best quality and most advanced personal vaporizers and tanks on the market. Our core values of safety mean that we have not pushed wattages over the past year as we believe in providing our customers with an unbeatable, and as safe as possible, vaping experience."

The company is also heralded in the industry by its customers because of its desire to engage with its users. If you've purchased an Innokin product and run into an issue, it's not at all complicated to get a resolution. Through various social media channels, Innokin is incredibly responsive to all their customers. Paul talks about the strategy, "We communicate with customers on all major social media platforms to ensure we respond to customers quickly and professionally."

A complaint on the internet is known to carry significant weight in the community.

By addressing any issues as fast as possible, the company shows that it has vapers' best interests in mind. This kind of receptivity goes back to beginning.

It all started, according to Paul, "with first generation cig-a-like OEM products for companies like Safecig. The Lea and Leo were Innokin's first open-system products." The Innokin Lea and Leo were Ego-threaded devices that had USB charging capability. They included a stylish pen cap to cover the clearomizer section.

Innokin Lea

Innokin Leo

Over the years, Innokin has made some exciting designs. The iTaste line is the longest running. This line includes products like the famed MVP and VV in 2012, followed by the iTaste 134 and VTR in 2013.

The hottest selling of them all? You guessed it, all four generations of the MVP. The box powers your atomizer and charges your cell phone.

Innokin MVP 2

The Swiss army knife of the community, the MVP had a great reputation all over the world.

The company also produced the iClear line of tanks, which has evolved steadily over the years.

Innokin iClear X.I.

"Innokin has created many famous vaporizers and tanks. In the vaping industry a successful company must always be moving forward and striving to create the best," notes Paul. The revisions and upgrades released after a product launches are a testament to that statement.

Early in 2015, Innokin launched the Cool Five IV mod. In the summer, Innokin introduced their newest line of products, the InnokinCell Vape Power System. The new LiPo batteries can be easily swapped out on this system and they come in different colors and mAh rating.

The company is unique, says Paul. "Innokin stands apart from other manufacturers. This is due to our shared long-term vision and passion for vaping. The team brings knowledge and experience from different industries and work together..." The diversity helps create fantastic products. It also aids them in leading the field in reliability. "...We continue to provide powerful high-quality vaporizers and real technological innovations..." Innokin focuses on proving their technology first, before releasing it. Quality controls and reliability are at the core of the company.

Innokin iTaste 134

The electronic cigarette industry itself is still young when compared to other industries. This hybrid field is a combination of materials science, electronics electro-chemical engineering and consumables, and it is decidedly 21st century in nature. Paul explains that "I believe vaping is just starting and it is growing quickly into an international phenomenon." This is an exciting time in vaping. Research and development budgets are growing.

Paul believes "There will continue to be huge advancements in vaping. ...Compact, powerful and accurate mods in many styles will provide such an amazing experience that smokers will have every reason to make the switch..." As we continue headlong into the unknown, the challenges are many. Technology has limits, but the human spirit is relentless.

The list of the vaping industry's enemies is constantly growing, and they are directing assaults through lobbyists.

According to Paul, the industry is facing some hurdles. "Poorly founded and directed legislation is a huge threat along with personal interests and greed which spread misinformation and anti-vaping propaganda." Innokin is well aware of the political climate here in the Unites States and in Europe. Paul mentions that "We at Innokin have been aware of the upcoming regulations which may be introduced in America and Europe and we have been preparing for compliance." Innokin explains their position further, "we manufacture e-cigs and & vaporizers, we do not make e-liquids...we will be well prepared for further growth and success when future regulations are introduced." E-liquid manufacturers have faced harsher regulations than hardware manufacturers. After all, the juice contains nicotine, not the device.

Innokin iTaste VTR

With Innokin's safety first policy, they are making sure that their products are not sources of anguish for vapers. In regards to other operators in the vape industry, Paul discusses the spirit of rivalry. "It is friendly competition when a company makes a device that is successful and pushes the boundaries, while also being responsible and focusing on harm reduction and safety. When that happens, we really are happy and inspired to work even harder."

Harm reduction is what the electronic cigarette industry is all about, so it is important for manufacturers to follow those tenets.

A device made to reduce harm should not pose a hazard, otherwise it is incompatible with its own purpose.

Innokin draws inspiration from everywhere, "Many of us at Innokin are vapers and inspiration might come from something we wish we had that we could be using. We are constantly in contact with our distributors and our network of vendors & reviewers. We are always receiving feedback from them. Our social media team is very active on Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and forums like E-Cigarette-Forum. We often receive amazing feedback from the community through our giveaways and promotions."

Innokin SVD

With so many sources for ideas, Innokin's product research team have their hands full. The engineering diversity is part of the formula, as well. Innokin's time span from development to market is 3-5 months on average. Some technologies take longer than that to develop. Paul speaks to that, "...our engineers come from many fields which gives us insight into the different technologies which have all been combined to make vaping such a huge success." He goes on to mention that it is all about listening to the customer,

"The bottom line is listening to the vapers and finding ways to make their vaping experience, and lives, better."

Unlike other companies operating in the vaping industry that try to outdo one another as fast as possible, Innokin keeps it simple. Paul explains, "Innokin never rushes a product to get it to market before it has the right level of quality and safety. If we receive any feedback, we are quick to implement improvements." The end result is not an experiment, and not a beta, it is a finished product. "Some companies are definitely rushing out products to fill demand even though they may in fact be dangerous for users. We are strongly opposed to this type of irresponsible behavior."  Relying on their network of reviewers and other channels, Innokin receives feedback before a production run of a device or tank. This allows them to fine-tune the product before it hits the shelves.

Innokin iTaste VV

Paul goes further, "There is an incredible amount of pressure to be innovative and to compete. We try to look ahead of the current market so that we can bring [products] to market that are truly revolutionary and of the highest quality." As other top operators, the market pressure does not bend the company to speed up processes that naturally take time, like quality control and testing.

What new technology does the company have on the agenda? "Accurate Temperature Control (ATC)," mentions Paul. "With the ability to use any type of coil material including Kanthal, it is an important milestone in vaping." A new tank released in 2015, the iSub Apex, was a top-fill tank built with leak resistance in mind. Innokin was busy in 2015, first with the Cool Fire IV, and then the Disrupter. We can expect much more from them. The Disrupter TC and ATC-Atlas tank launched in October 2015. Both products featured temperature control functionality. The Disrupter TC featured their ATC technology.

What about future trends for the industry as a whole? "...more internal industry research, more support for advocacy. On a technical side, smaller batteries with more power and output accuracy."

This definitely sounds like a golden strategy. CASAA and SFATA are extremely busy, and we do need more advocacy, worldwide. Battery technology is a complicated science and real breakthroughs are necessary for more capacity. Styling is a little easier, however.

Innokin Coolfire 1

Throughout the world, people have different tastes, and their devices are a reflection of those tastes. Paul explains, "People share the same desires for a better experience through better technology." Technology is universal, and it applies globally when it is stable and ready. "The design is where cultural differences really shine. We localized teams to ensure the success of our products according to the tastes of different vapers all over the world." The guts and bones of mods don't need to change to adapt to different cultures and societies. As long as those internals are solid, dependable and up-to-date.

In 2015, Paul himself vaped on a Disrupter 50w with an iSub Apex with "custom" BVC coils. He also owns a Chi_You mechanical mod and Magma RDA he uses when he goes out. He is always "willing to get a friend a mod and e-liquid if it means they will make the switch..." Innokin is a rock in a shifting landscape. The company that moves slower but more methodically, is the one that can be counted on for reliability. The team behind Innokin is forward-thinking and cares about safety. We can expect them to lead by example in the future, just as they have been bulletproof in the past.