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    Eleaf Pico Rainbow

    Debunking Vaping Myths

    Debunking Vaping Myths: the truth about vape mods and vaping in general you should know.   Debunking Vaping Myths It’s…

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    CRFT Salt

    Best Vapor Flavors for Different Times of the Day

    Vapor flavors you may be interested in during the span of your day! Best Vapor Flavors for Different Times of…

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    Kayfun V5

    Which Atomizers Don’t Use a Lot of E-Liquid?

    You may have stumbled onto this post because you are tired of your juice-guzzling tank. Efficient Atomizers are not hard…

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    Mi One Mini Mod

    What are the Best Beginner Vape Kits of 2017? A guide to the newest and best ultra-compacts

    Are you confused about the Best Beginner Vape Kits of 2017? Here’s a handy guide on what is out there…

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    Altus T1

    Altus T1: A Brief How-To for Guo Vape’s Survivalist Tank

    The Altus and Altus T1 are new and innovative tanks with heating elements that can reduce toxic vaping.. And produce…

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    Burnt and Beyond

    Burnt and Beyond: The Facts Behind That Taste

    For new and experienced vapers alike, there is nothing quite worse than the burnt unpleasant taste of what should be a fresh comforting hit. Don’t be discouraged if this happens to you. Understandably, this kind of experience, especially on a regular basis can be really off-putting. That’s what we don’t want. Aftertaste or a burnt taste can be the result of a few things… It’s not always under our control, but knowing what to look for is a positive step in the right direction.

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    Beginner’s Guide to Temp Control

    Temperature controlled devices regulate the temperature of the coil. The power methodology used can be in Watts or Joules. They are both descriptors for the amount of power being used. Flavor seems to be the common denominator for devotees of temp control devices. It is said that you are able to control the flavor. These devices will keep your maximum temperature and will taper your wattage or power, so the vape will remain at the same temp for the duration, whether you vape once in an hour or every five minutes…

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    What You Need to Start Vaping

    Initially, you may feel unprepared or pretty clueless on the finer points of vaping but don’t worry… We all had to start somewhere! That is the main point: starting. There are lots of beginners out there so don’t think you are alone. You happen to be in good company if you are interested.

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    Understanding Yihi’s New SX Pure Technology

    Coil-less technology is a hot topic in 2016. With the Altus tank being the first of its kind earlier this year, we can expect quite a few manufacturers to try new coil-less solutions for atomizers in the near future. One of the most technologically adept companies out of China, Yihi, released a prototype for beta testing that rests on some serious innovation. The first tank that this technology can be found in is the Pioneer4You IPV Pure X1.

    Yihi’s SX Pure is a combination of features that may bring a new, fresh take on the atomizer. We were all getting bored in the industry until the Altus by Guo Vape rose to prominence earlier this year, bringing about a revolution that is not going to end soon.

    Many companies already seemingly had a similar concept in the works, and Yihi’s technological expertise is legendary in the industry, so naturally they are a great place to expect innovation.

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    Nebox Vape Kit

    What is the best custom vape kit and Should I get a vape kit or not?

    Beginners around the world are starting to join the vaping community. Don’t worry if you feel unprepared. We all had to start somewhere and a vape kit is sometimes the first option for the new vaper.

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    Avoid Burnt Hits from Atomizers & get the Best Flavor out of Juice

    Are you getting a burnt taste a little too often and don’t understand why? There can be several reasons why, here a few simple steps to help solve this issue…

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    History of Vaping

    The Concept of the e-cig as an alternative to tobacco is not a new one, in fact this revelation is the genius of a certain individual whose idea goes back a number of years.

    Brought to us with the sole intention of reducing the amount of tobacco consumed, and with the hopes of the distribution by alternative delivery system, and the concept of the original e-cig was born.

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    6 Steps to Get Into Rebuilding

    There are lots of reasons why people decided to get into rebuilding their atomizers. Firstly, as a more seasoned vaper you might want to see how far you can go with new coils, different thickness of wires and even wick variances. Mostly, the big drawcard is a wish to lower a standard resistance (ohms) which results in more heat to the coil of your chosen device.

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    Best Vape Mod For Clouds

    Best Vape Mod For Clouds

    Sometimes big is not big enough, with more and more vapers choosing to devote their days in search of the largest vapor clouds possible. Are you one of them? Are you a cloud chaser? Its Ok, you can admit it, we’re all friends here…

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    Halloween DIY Sigelei 100w Box Mod Costume gif

    Sigelei 100w Box Mod DIY Halloween Costume

    The box mod costume is unique! Surprise all of your friends with the Sigelei 100W DIY costume this Halloween. Pair with an RDA headpiece for a complete look!

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    Mutation-X RDA Halloween Costume DIY

    We were able to pull this entire project off for free since we had everything lying around the house already – you’ll probably find that you have most of these things as well!

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    8 Common User Errors in Vaping

    This guide discusses the most common problems experienced while vaping. Sometimes, you have a defective mod or atomizer, but other times it can be your fault. Regardless of whether you have a regulated or mechanical mod, here are some tips to keep you vaping!

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    Electronic vs Mech Mods

    There are lots of pros and cons to both mechanical and electronic mods, and just as much variance in heated opinion on their worthiness as devices. Traditional users will definitely have preferences based on use of both, and naturally, personal fondness. From the point of view of a new vaper, it’s always best to have a brief look at the differences and some of the reasons why one may be preferred over the other.

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    clean your new RDA / Tank 04

    8 easy steps to clean your new RDA / Tank

    When us vapers buy a new tank or RDA and begin using it immediately, sometimes we get a horrible taste that does not taste like e-liquid should. Chances are machine oil is alternating the taste causing a bad vape experience. To vape safely and have the best experience, a simple clean should solve all problems.

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    Aspire Atlantis vs Mini Nautilus

    Aspire Atlantis vs. Aspire Mini Nautilus

    The difference between the last generation Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC), found in the Aspire Mini Nautilus, and the sub-ohm BVC coil used in the Atlantis is dramatic.

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