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Altus T1: A Brief How-To for Guo Vape’s Survivalist Tank

Altus T1: A Brief How-To for Guo Vape’s Survivalist Tank
October 11, 2016 Lyd
Altus T1

The Altus and Altus T1 are new and innovative tanks with heating elements that can reduce toxic vaping..

And produce some of the best flavor possible of your favorite e-liquids. They are very simple tanks to use as long as you have patience. They take about 2 seconds or less to heat up on the first hit, but the following hits perform quite well.

It is best to have a device capable of at least 75 watts or higher, one with temperature control, or one with a TCR mode is best. With TCR mode, you can fine tune the TCR value to get the most accurate heating of the chip, which is referred to as a CVU chip, and not a coil.  CVU stand for “Central Vaping Unit”.  Both the Altus and Altus T1 tanks have a CVU chip, which is a flat, advanced ceramics metal composite that is covered on each side with wicking material of your choice, making these two tanks the only ones on the market of their kind and very unique.  Each tank comes with a packet of cotton squares cut to size, and ready to go.  I prefer Fiber Freaks pads, which you can find here.

The Altus’s CVU is 1 mm thick, and the Altus T1‘s CVU is 0.76 mm thick for faster ramp-up time.  From my research, I have found to use a TCR setting of 0.0031 to 0.0045.  Since CVU chips slightly differ from each other, it is best to adjust for accuracy and your liking.  For the Altus’s CVU chip, it is not recommended to dry burn for cleaning, but for the Altus T1’s CVU chip, it may be dry burned at low power for cleaning.

I will go over the best way to clean the CVU chips after some experimenting in Part 2. (coming soon)

The Altus tank is 22 mm in diameter, 65.3 mm in height, holds 3.5 mL of e-liquid, and is bottom fill.  The Altus T1 tank is 22 mm in diameter, 52 mm in height, holds 4 mL of e-liquid, and has a unique top fill.

The recommended power for vaping is between 50 and 75 watts, or up to 480 degrees in temp. mode.  Using these tanks on a device in power mode works quite well once you adjust to find the best wattage to give you the vape experience that you prefer.  Using these tanks in temperature control mode, or TCR mode is where patience is a key factor to finding the best setting for your preferred vape.

First thing you want to do in either mode is lock the resistance in of the CVU chip.  It may take a lot of adjusting until you find the perfect setting for your liking. Patience is key!  The temperature of the air around you will have an affect on the settings.  Warm air is usually pretty accurate, with a lower TCR setting and some fine tuning.  Cold air is a little more challenging, with a higher TCR setting and a little more fine tuning to get a consistent vape.

-OV Will

P.S. – check out the chief engineer behind the project with some more helpful tips here:

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